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The End of the Rainbow

This title was chosen by my wonderful Twitter followers this week! I hope you enjoy it. 

The End of the Rainbow

It was a typical Sunday morning in April. I slowly dragged myself out of bed and shuffled towards the window, reaching out in front of me ready to swipe open the burgundy curtains. The sunshine came pouring in, filling my room with light... yet to me, the day still seemed so dark. It is spring, which usually brings joy and heartwarming feelings, but for some reason, this year I am just not feeling it. 
I stretch, yawn and wipe the sleep out of my eyes before grabbing my fluffy lilac dressing gown from the bannister and heading downstairs for breakfast. I hear the faint sound of the radio playing from the living room, my fiance must have made an early start to the day. There was cereal on the table along with a freshly made bacon butty, I was a lucky lady to have such a kind-hearted man in my life. He turned to me and said 'I took the day off work today sweetheart, I thought you could do with some company'. He was right... he was always right. 

After breakfast he encouraged me to go upstairs and get dressed because we are 'going on an adventure', I was confused, drained and tired, but I forced myself up the stairs and spent the next 30 minutes trying to find clothes suitable for an adventure.
In the end, I chose a plain white t-shirt, with pale blue jeans and a cosy pink knee-length cardigan, complete with my silver suede trainers. Considering I had no plans to get dressed today, I surprisingly felt much more 'alive'. I threw my long curly hair up into a messy bun, finished with a little pink bow at the back, splashed my face with icy cold water and brushed my teeth before putting on my favourite nude coloured lipstick. I have not felt this 'human' for a long time. After an hour had passed, I heard my fiance calling from downstairs 'I am leaving in ten if you are joining me!', I let out a huge sigh before yelling back 'alright I am coming!'

We head out of our large wooden front door and step into the large front garden, I gasp in shock,
'I never stopped to see just how beautiful our front garden is, I am always in a hurry or too busy on my phone to lift my head up for a second.' I look around, taking in all the bright blossoming flowers, the shimmering water feature in the centre of the emerald green grass, the soft sound of our handmade wind chimes, clincking together in the spring breeze. How did I miss this for so long?

'Come on, we do not have all day', he is taunting me. I roll my eyes and continue on my way. 'Where are we going Jacob?', I ask as I try to keep up with him (I only have little legs!)
'Patience, you will see', I hate it when he gets all mysterious, he knows that I hate surprises. 

We walk for miles and miles, at this point, I have no idea where we are, I have never seen this part of town before. We trail off the path and into the beautiful, well-kept forest, the sound of different birds chirping in the trees, there is no traffic sounds polluting the air, no screaming children, nothing but pure bliss. 
After another hour or so of walking through the forest, we come to a stunning waterfall. Jacob took his bag from his broad shoulders and places it on a large rock beside the waterfall. He opened it up and pulled out my favourite fleece blanket, the one with sausage dogs printed all over it, and lay it on the ground. He proceeded to empty the contents of his bag, lots of yummy snacks and freshly made smoothies appeared. Lastly he took out a small speaker and placed it on the rock, linking it to his mobile phone, he played an old 90's playlist, the sounds of cheesy pop songs echoed through the forest, making me smile. 

We sat for a while, eating sausage rolls, sandwiches, crisps and cocktail sausages, talking about life, everything that has happened over the last few months, the future, upcoming holidays and past memories. It was truly lovely. 
But nothing lasts forever... 

Suddenly the sky opened up and the rain came pouring down, bouncing off of the ground, the blankets and food all ruined! I jumped up and ran to the trees for shelter, Jacob followed behind with his bag and speaker tucked under his arm.
He looked at me and started to laugh, 'your face was a picture!' he said laughing some more. I pushed him out from under the trees into the rain and smiled, 'typical for us ey?' I joked.

We sat down beneath the trees, cuddled up in each other's arms whilst we watched the rain. After some time, a beautiful, bold rainbow appeared across the sky and the rain became a light drizzle. 
'Come on! Let's follow the rainbow!' Jacob shouted as he shot off into the open. I had no choice but to follow. We laughed as we ran towards the colourful rays, 'what is the point in this?' I asked, 'getting to the end of the rainbow is impossible!'
'Nothing is impossible if you just believe', his mysterious side was creeping out again. 

We ran and ran, laughed and joked, and then suddenly Jacob stopped dead in his tracks with a look of shock on his once smiling face. I followed the direction of his gaze and my mouth dropped open just like his. 
There in front of us was the end of the rainbow. Crazy I know, I almost did not believe it myself. We slowly stepped closer and closer until we were stood beneath the rays. They were warm on my skin, glistening against my pale face. This entire moment felt like a dream. All of a sudden I had this urge take over me, 'we need to run to the other end! What if there is something there?', and with that, I took off as fast as my little legs could carry me. 

Now, there was always a myth that said there would be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but I was not expecting this. There under the faded rays of the rainbow was a brass chest with a golden key, just waiting to be opened. I cautiously reached out and picked up the box, turning the key gently. As I opened the lid, my eyes widened with surprise, for it was not filled with gold, but with a cure. Lots of tiny vials of medicine along with a note containing a list of chemicals needed to make more. On the back of this note read the following:

This is a cure for the most life-threatening disease in the world, this is a cure for cancer.
But not only does this kill cancerous cells overnight, it also cures mental health problems, big or small. 
This is what the world needs, and it should be you who makes this happen. 

My eyes welled up with tears of joy, I could not believe that this was real. Jacob finally caught up to me and seen my teary face, he took the note from my hand and instantly hugged me when he had finished reading what it said, 'we are going to be billionaires' he exclaimed! 

A few months passed, thousands of people had been given the cure and to our surprise, it really worked! Our names were all over the news and social media! Once these trial runs had been completed the drug would be on sale for hospitals all over the world.
We had multiple meetings to discuss prices... '£1 per person who needs it, until more needs to be made, then we will discuss this again' I said. Why should we make billions from people who are suffering?

After one year, all of the vials we had, had been used and over 1 million people had been cured! We had already made 1 million pounds! Half of the profits that we made went straight back into the NHS so that they could continue making the drug. The most we ever charged for a dose was £2.50 and we always gave more than half of the profits back into the NHS. cancer research and mental health charities around the world. 

My life had changed, I felt like a whole new person, I was happy, I felt alive and I was helping others. What more could I want? 

I often wonder what would have happened had I not have gone on that adventure. Would Jacob really have gone alone? Would he have found the cure himself? Or would it have gone unnoticed? 
I encourage everyone to follow their dreams, push yourselves beyond your comfort zones like I did on that amazing day, keep fighting, take adventures and be yourself, you never know what you could discover.