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Mental Time

Not long ago, a lovely gentleman approached me via Twitter asking me if I would be able to support his project in some way or another. This gent goes by the name of Liam Protheroe and is 21-years-old. Liam is the founder of a project named 'Mental Time', which aims to raise awareness as well as breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health problems. At the moment his focus is within the Leicester area, but he hopes to turn this into a nationwide project in the future.

I took it upon myself to have a read through the Mental Time Website (which you can find here!) to find out a little bit more about Liam's project. I found out that Liam aims to work with local businesses and social environments around the UK in order to help raise awareness about mental health and also to get people talking about mental health, rather that keeping their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Liam's long-term aim is to create a huge brand awareness so that when people see the Mental Time logo presented in their local social environments (such as pubs, restaurants cafes and more), they will know that the owners of the business are caring towards the people who visit them and that they are in a safe place to talk and be themselves. 

I think that this is an incredible idea and I hope that Liam's project continues to grow. If you would like to know more, please head over to the Mental Time website as well as following Liam on Twitter (links can be found below!). Liam would also hugely appreciate any donations that could be made to him to help his project grow and continue to support people struggling with their mental health. 

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