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Packing Up and Moving Out!

So after 3 years living in Ormskirk with Jacob (the fiance), it is now time to move back home with our parents.

For the past 3 years, the two of us have lived with one another in student accommodation and have loved every second. It has been great being independent and having our own space with no one around to say what we should and shouldn't do! But sadly, we are no longer students and it is time for us to move back in with our parents. 

In some sense, it will be nice having my own desk and own space to work, but on the other hand, it is going to be hard living separately again. On a more positive note, we won't be living far away from each other, so we will still be able to see one another most days and on weekends! Looking forward to having sleepovers and days out together, it will just be hard not waking up next to each other every morning and returning home from work to each other in the evenings. It has been an amazing 3 years, and it has given us the chance to experience what it is like to live with one another, so at least we know what it will be like when we eventually buy our own place, rather than buying a place and living with each other for the first time! 

Our little flat has not been the best place to live, but it has been our place! With many happy memories attached to it over the years, including when Jacob got down on one knee and popped the question! There have been lots of pre-drinks and friend sleepovers over the years which will be missed, but the memories will last a lifetime. 

One of the main things that we are not looking forward to when moving out, is moving back to our hometown. Ormskirk has been incredible, with coffee shops, bars, restaurants and market days on our doorstep, so moving back to a town with supermarket cafes and grotty pubs are not going to be great! 
I will miss Ormskirk a lot, being able to go out on my own and enjoy quiet days blogging in coffee shops has been very enjoyable. Sadly, I would not feel safe going out on my own like that around my hometown, with lots of gangs on street corners and a recent increase in crime, it is starting to look a bit dull and dismal. 

But Ormskirk is only 20 mins on the bus or a 90-minute walk (if the weather is nice), so I will definitely be visiting my favourite coffee shops for writing days that is for sure! I also work in Ormskirk, so they can't get rid of me that easily!

It is time for the next step in our lives, although it feels like we are moving backwards, it is just a stepping stone in preparation for our future together. Over the next 2 years or so, we will be saving up for our own place and hopefully moving into jobs that we love (Jacob has already started his first Web-developer job in Lancaster!)... and if we find a nice affordable place to rent in the near future, we may just consider it! 


So, goodbye little flat and thank you for the memories you have brought us, it was nice knowing you.