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Spring Poetry Competition Winner! (2018)

Congratulations to Thomas Mcdonald on winning our first ever Poetry Competition! Your poem was very beautifully written and thoroughly enjoyable, thank you so much for entering. 

I'll See You Again: by Thomas Mcdonald

Our life is like a flowerbed,
Conceived in early spring.
The April sky a showerhead,
Giving life to everything. 
We manifest in gardens,
Along hedgerows round the fields,
But when the season hardens,
Jack Frost suspends our yields.
And on cold nights when Autumn's passed,
For warmth we'll cling together,
Ignoring Winters icy blast,
Love shields us from inclement weather.
And chilly March elapses,
As caution to its wind we fling,
So if this bed we share collapses,
I'll see you in the Spring.