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Favourite Spring Poetry Entries (2018)

We received many amazing Spring Poems for this year's competition, so thought it would only be fair to share a few of them with you!

Untitled Piece: by David Johannessen

As winters harsh snarl settles down for slumber,
The dawn of a new season creeps over the horizon.
The ground creeks and cracks,
As new life breathes and adds fresh colour to the gloomy umber.

Whilst there isn't the weather for barbeques,
The sun flirts with the dads who are braving shorts.
With bright, deceptively cold sunshine brings birdsong,
And children playing on the street.

All together, the optimism of Spring is just Summers preview.


A Spring Haiku: by Estelle Stevens

The Bumblebees buzz
Hay fever season is here
Sunburn, after sun


The Magic of Spring: by Rachael Lorenza

Magical is the land that brings forth the moon,
Until the morning when the sun is due.
Flowers blossom day-by-day,
The beautiful sky keeps the rain away.
Colourful the ground,
As graceful as a crown,
The flowers dance by the soft breeze,
A vision of pure simplicity.


Town of Steel: by Derek Davies

The morning sun rises above the steel works,
Billowing dark smoke gathers over the town below.
It's springtime, but even the blackbirds find it hard to sing in this existence.
Thick black tar is choking their small insignificant lungs.
No more do they gently fly,
No more, not now.
In the distance the sight of men arriving for their daily work,
Their clothes already tarnished from yesterday's toil.
For years this was and is the place where men have given their all.
The steel works is not for the faint-hearted,
This is the place, the very place where boys become men.
Their story is one of pain and suffering, sweat and tears,
Hard graft and hard labour.
To them it's really all they know, a living despite the dangers.
If it brings a wage home and food on the table that's really all that matters.
These are proud men, hard working and toughened by the environment they find themselves in.
They are an important section of people that help keep the town of Port Talbot alive.
Without the works the town would struggle.
It's the ticking clock, the heart that really keeps the town alive,
And it's our town, and it's our Port Talbot. 

Untitled Piece: by Allison Jordon

Spring is here
The lambs are born
Another royal wedding
And a baby is born


Untitled Piece: by Debbie Butler

You can smell it coming in the air,
Leaves are gree, 
Caterpillars are sunning, birds are back,
Grass is cut,
Bees are humming
And the butterflies are coming.