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Our Pets!

One great thing about being home is having my two favourite pups back! Okay... so they are not really puppies anymore, but they will always be referred to as the pups by me!

Daisie and Lola are the cutest little sausages in the world (too biased?...), they are funny, lovable and a little bit crazy too, but I wouldn't have them any other way. 

I also have a cute little Syrian Hamster called Richard! I bought Richard in March this year (2018), he is very sweet and loves his treats! He is also very spoilt, with new toys and tasty snacks every being bought for him all the time! I could sit and watch him play around his cage all day, happily keeping himself occupied. Animals are amazing and I honestly cannot imagine my life without them!

I did have a beautiful dalmatian called Pandora, she was my best friend, always making me laugh with her clumsy ways! She always knew when I needed a cuddle and would snuggle with me. She would also try to sit on my knee... but she was a little bit too big for that!

Jacob has a rescue dog also called Daisy! She is a black and white staffy, and she is such a gentle little girl! She always makes me smile and greets everyone with a happy wagging tail and lots of jumping up and licking! As well as having Daisy (living at his mum's house) Jacob also has little T-Man (Toby!), Toby is the son of Jakes old dog (who was also named Toby!) Sadly Toby is no longer with us but a picture of him has been included!

Jacob also took in a stray dog, a lurcher who we named Lady. She was abandoned due to her being unwell, but we gave her a fantastic loving life in her last couple of months. She was such a sweetheart and it was such a shame that someone could be so cruel as to abandon her. 

Okay so enough talking... let's show them all off!