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The Tracing Co. Review!

The Tracing Co is a small company who sell unique tracing books, designed to improve mental health in a creative and relaxing manner. I have been lucky enough to receive one of their products in exchange for an honest review. 

The Tracing Co currently have 3 different books for you to choose from:

  • Bloom - Beautiful mandala designs with inspiring quotes in between pages! 
  • Wild Life - Amazing animal designs, filled with intricate patterns. 
  • Believe (Holiday Edition) - Christmas themed designs! 

I picked the Wild Life book as I adore animals! 

As it can often be difficult to decide where to start when it comes to drawing, tracing or even colouring, these books offer step-by-step pages to make completing your chosen image much easier!


As you can see from the images above the pictures are broken down into smaller sections for your to complete, starting with the basic outline and later adding the details! In order to ensure that your image is aligned correctly on each page, there is a small triangle at the bottom of every page, simply draw around this and line it up every time you start a new section! 

Tracing Co say that tracing can help to improve your mental health as well as your cognitive function, by helping you to relax and increase your ability to recall information (by memorising patterns and shapes). From personal experience, I can honestly say that tracing the images within the book is very therapeutic and has been a great way for me to take breaks throughout my day! Despite taking a break from writing blog posts and working, tracing these beautiful designs still keeps my brain working, doing something beneficial, rather than taking a break by watching TV shows or sitting on my mobile phone. 

Not only did I feel relaxed whilst engaging with this unique book, but seeing my completed image at the end made me feel quite proud (as I usually struggle to draw even the simplest of things!) 


Above you can see one of my the images that I completed as well as seeing what it looked like whilst it was developing! This took around 30 minutes for me to complete! The Tracing Co, recommend that you use the following materials when using their books:

  • A pencil
  • Thin black pen
  • Thick black pen 
  • Tracing paper
  • Ruler or straight edge 
  • Colouring pencils/pens (optional) 

I ordered some tracing paper online along with a pack of 5 Uni-Ball Drawing Fine Line Pens. The pens each have a different sized nib ranging from 01 - 08, I used the largest two sizes (08 and 05) to do the outline and larger detailing of the image and 02 for the finer details. I feel as though these pens worked very well with the book, they did not smudge on my tracing paper and they made filling in the small lines very easy! 

So far I have not coloured in my completed images, however, it is something that I will do at a later date! 

Overall I have really loved this book (so far) and I will definitely be purchasing their other two books in the future. 


You can find Tracing Co on Twitter here!

And their products on Amazon here!