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Annual Colouring Competition 2018

So this year marks our very first Colouring Competition for 'International Colouring Book Day'!

Let's take a look at some of our entries:

The above image was sent in by the lovely Josie Ann who is 8 years old! Josie was our youngest participant and I absolutely adore the colours used for the flowers on the deer's antlers!


This image was sent in my Stacey! I love the rainbow hair and how it has been coloured to make it look shiny!


This lovely bright and colourful bunny was sent in by Estelle! I love the blue/green colour the most as it really stands out against the pinks and purples. 

These lovely multi-coloured giraffes were sent in by Suzy. I love the patterns within this picture and how each one is coloured in various shades of the same colour, simple yet beautiful. 

This optical illusion was sent in my Michael, I love the yellow and green combination, it really pops! 

This image was also sent in by Michael! This is a lovely bright and colourful piece, the feathers on the top of the birds head are my favourite part. 

This lovely image was sent in by Shan-Anne, I love the lions head on top of the fence! and the colours used for the girl's eyes.

Shan-Anne sent in another image, which was announced as our winning entry! Let's take a look at it:


I was amazed by the beautiful image! The shading on this picture is mesmerising, the faces look so detailed and all of the colours work so well together! I am sure you can all see why this image was selected to be our winner! 


Thank you to all of our participants for sending in their wonderful images. I am looking forward to our future colouring competitions and hope to see more and more entries as the years go by!