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Care Boxes by Becky - A Review

A couple of weeks back I received a lovely Care Box from Becky at Stronger Together. These adorable boxes are packed with so much care and love, it was like receiving a birthday present through the post! 

Becky created a charity which she named: Stronger Together. The intentions behind this charity are to help people who are struggling with their mental health. Stronger Together sends out FREE Care Boxes to people who are in need of a pick me up and a reminder that there will always be someone out there who cares about them. You can request a box for yourself or you can surprise a friend/loved one!  


Each Care Box will be slightly different but will include similar items to the ones I received in my box! So, Let's take a look:

When my box arrived, it was wrapped in beautiful bright flowery wrapping paper. This felt as though the Care Box was sent personally, which made it feel very different from receiving any other ordinary parcel. It instantly brought a smile to my face, and that was before I had taken a look inside!
When I opened the box, I discovered six products inside! Not only were these products very cute, but they were also products that I knew I would use (always a bonus!) 

The first product that I removed from the box was a pink candle holder, with a bubblegum scented tea light candle inside. Now, anyone who knows me knows how much I adore scented candles so I could not wait to light it! I gave the candle pride of place on my desk and lit it straight away... within minutes my entire room was filled

with the sweet scent of bubblegum! Not only did it smell delicious, but the design on the candle holder made the lit candle look really pretty too! I thought that it was only my room which was filled with the scent... but my mum said she could also smell it down the hallway!

The second item I found inside my Care Box was a 'Bubble T, Bath T-Bag'. For anyone who has never used these before, I highly recommend them! These come in a variety of scents and you simply drop them into your running bath and wait for the scent to fill the air. I used to love using these in my student flat as it would leave the entire flat smelling yummy (as well as leaving my skin feeling fresh and soft!) 

The one I received from Stronger Together was a berry scented one and I could smell it as soon as I lifted it out of the box! I have not used it yet as since moving back in with my parents I do not have a bathtub! So I am keeping it at my partner's house to use there!

The third item was a packet of pocket tissues, these came at the right time as I was full of cold! They came in a cute packet which said 'Got the Sniffles' on the front, the tissues inside were soft and scented! 

The fourth item was a cute Wish Bracelet with a lotus flower charm attached to it, which I believe is the logo for Stronger Together. The packaging for the bracelet read; 'Close your eyes and make a wish, tie this bracelet around your wrist. When the bracelet breaks in two, that's when your wishes will come true!' 

I thought this was very sweet, I love little trinkets like this. I am not allowed to keep bracelets on whilst in work, so I took the charm off the bracelet and made my own fishtail bracelet with a button fastener so I can take it on and off rather than having it tied around my wrist... I absolutely love it and I wear it all of the time! I have a tattoo of a lotus flower too, so this charm was really 'me'. 

The fifth item was a manuka honey peel-off face mask! I don't usually use face masks as I have sensitive skin... but I bit the bullet and gave it a go! This face mask was amazing. It was so easy to put on and to take off, no mess and also pain-free when peeling it off! It left my face feeling super soft and very clean! I will definitely be buying from this brand in the future (7 heavens). 

The final item inside the Care Box was a cocoa butter hand cream. It smells divine and leaves my hands feeling so soft! I have used this item every day since I received my parcel, it is definitely one of my favourite items. 


To end this review, I just want to say a massive thank you to Becky for sending me this Care Box! I think it is amazing what you do for people and you should be so proud of yourself. Thank you for making me smile, and for making hundreds of people across the UK smile too! 

You can follow Becky on Twitter here!
You can find her blog here!