What Is Happening To SeeTheUniverse?!

Some of our returning readers may be a tad confused when they next visit SeeTheUniverse as it is looking a lot different!

So I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why everything is changing and what that means for SeeTheUniverse in the long-run.

For quite some time we have wanted to add various features to SeeTheUniverse such as:

  • Comment Boxes
  • Subscription/follow buttons
  • Mailing list sign up form
  • Images
  • Surveys

and much more!

To build these features from scratch would take a lot of time and was proving to be quite difficult for my partner Jacob to do alongside his full-time job! So he proposed that we move my blog over to WordPress, keeping it self-hosted, but giving me the opportunity to play around with the theme for myself, customising it in whatever ways I see fit and being able to add pre-set features quickly and easily!

So we moved to WordPress this weekend! I am super excited to interact with my readers more and add different features over the next couple of weeks… please expect the theme/layout to change multiple times over the next few weeks as I try to find something that works best for me (Jacob is also designing a custom made theme for me to try)!

I want to thank all of my lovely readers for supporting my blog over the last 12 months and sticking by me during these changes! It is going to take time to re-write all of my content, but I am looking forward to it (as it will keep me busy!)

Take care and Have Hope Always!


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