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We no longer host monthly Twitter Talks… instead, we will be hosting Facebook Friendlies! The concept remains the same, they will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm, there will be set themes or topics each month! I will have planned questions and polls for people to take part in, however, others are welcome to ask their own questions too (as long as they fit with the topic of course!)

To take part you need to join our Facebook Group: Universe Online

All our upcoming dates will be posted as events on the group, but they will also be kept up to date here for you too!

This is where you can find our upcoming Facebook Friendly dates and themes! So take note and be sure to join in!

  • 17/01/19New Year New Me (Cliche): So we will be a little over 2 weeks into the New Year… What were your New Year Resolutions? Are they going well or have they been forgotten about? What are you hoping to achieve this year? What are you looking forward to? What are you worried about?
  • 21/02/19 –  Children’s Mental Health – The importance of mental health, should children be taught about mental health from an early age? What sort of activities can we do with children to ensure that they are mentally healthy?
  • 21/03/19Disabled Access: Have you been to any places recently which do not have reasonable access for people with disabilities? Have you heard about the social and medical models of disability? What are your thoughts on this?
  • 18/04/19Stress Awareness Month – We all feel stressed from time to time and that is completely normal. But how we deal with that stress is truly what matters. What coping mechanisms work well for you? How do you know when your stress levels are getting too much?
  • 16/05/19Maternal Mental Health Month. The importance of mental health in mothers. Signs and symptoms to look out for and when to seek help, when baby blues are something more serious. Have you had any experience with maternal mental health? What help is available? What about fathers?
  • 20/06/19Mens mental health and Loneliness awareness week: Men also suffer from mental health conditions, but many do not talk about it openly. Let’s talk about men and mental health… what are your thoughts, what advice would you give to men who are struggling? We will also talk about the difference between being alone and being lonely and the impact that they can have on our mental health.
  • 18/07/19 – Useful Resources for Mental Health: We will be sharing resources that have been helpful for mental health conditions. We will discuss The Samaritans in depth as well as other helplines that are available for those who are struggling.
  • 17/08/19 – International Youth Day: Youth (people aged between 15 and 24 according to United Nations) might show that they are struggling in different ways to how adults or children. Why do you think this might be? Take a look at some statistics and share your thoughts, opinions and experiences. 
  • 21/09/19 – Balancing Your Life: In order to look after your health (both mental and psychical) you need to have a good balance between, work life, socialising, self-care, good food and much more. So let’s talk about routines, bad habits and improvements that can be made. 
  • 19/10/19  Poverty and Mental Health: Do you know the meaning of Poverty and Austerity? How can they affect a person’s mental health? What could be done in order to help the billions of people who are below the poverty line? We all know what it is like to struggle financially, we have all been there before… so imagine having to live like that constantly? Imagine having nothing at all to your name, living on the streets, hardly ever eating food. 
  • 16/11/19 – Anti-bullying week (11th) – How bullying can have an impact on an individual’s mental health. Bullying can happen to children of school age, or it could happen in the workplace. You could be bullied in various different ways, so other’s who have been bullied may have different experiences. What could schools do to ensure that bullying is kept to a minimum? What should workplaces do to ensure their staff feel happy and safe in work in regards to bullying? Have you had any personal experiences with bullying? Did you seek help? What was the outcome? 
  • 21/12/19 – Holidays and Mental Health – Christmas can be tough, mental health conditions do not take a break during the holidays, so it is important to look after yourself and put yourself first. If you have family members who make you feel uncomfortable, do not feel as though you are obliged to communicate with them just because it is Christmas. Holiday blues can set in before, during or after the holidays and there are many peope who experience them. So do not feel as though you are the only person who dislikes the holiday season, as I can assure you that you are not alone. 

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