Migraines and Bad Head Days

So today has been tough on both a physical and mental perspective. For the majority of today, I have had such a terrible headache which has made me feel drained, dizzy and nauseous as well as feeling a little bit down and blue.  

In hindsight, it is not the worst of days as despite feeling this way, I have managed to get a decent amount of things done! For example, I planned and scheduled my Twitter Talk ready for this evening, I have written up some questions ready to do an interview style guest post with a lovely young lady (all will be revealed soon!) and I have made more ‘Strong is Beautiful’ bracelets!

I am supposed to be going to the gym tonight, right now I am really not feeling it, but we will see what happens.

Usually, on days like this, I get nothing done and will spend the day watching movies and/or reading. So overall I am pretty proud of myself today.

I am going to do some reading soon, I am currently reading ‘The Night Circus’ as part of Spoonie Utopia’s first ever book club! I hope that I manage to keep up with everyone and at the end of the book, I plan on writing a review (which I will be posting on the Spoonie Utopia blog as well as on here!)

What are you lot doing on the miserable rainy day?



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