International Coffee Day

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world, with approximately two billion cups being consumed per day!
As today is International Coffee Day, it would only be fair to write all about coffee for my first Blogtober post, right?

What Are The Pros and Cons of Drinking Coffee?

Drinking a cup of black coffee before working out can boost your performance by up to 12%. This is due to the caffeine increasing the adrenaline levels in your blood, helping you to prepare for physical activity. As well as boosting your energy it can also aid in weight loss! This is down to the ingredients of magnesium and potassium which help the body to use insulin, regulating blood sugar levels and in turn reducing the level of cravings you have for sugary based foods.
Intaking a moderate amount of coffee per day (1-6 cups), can help you to maintain your focus and increase your mental alertness. Studies have also found that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of premature death by up to 25% as it protects the body. Coffee contains antioxidants which work as little soldiers, fighting to protect your body from radicals.
Drinking coffee is also believed to brighten up your mood, helping to fight mental health problems such as depression and lowering the risk of suicide by up to 50%. This is to do with the caffeine, as it stimulates your nervous system and increases the production of neurotransmitters such as noradrenaline, serotonin and dopamine which are also known as happy hormones.

Despite coffee having some benefits, it also has a couple of negatives too. Coffee can lead to insomnia, especially when it is consumed in large amounts or before going to bed. The recommended amount of caffeine that a person can consume in a day, is 400 milligrams (which is approximately 4 cups of coffee). If consumed in extreme amounts, it can be lethal. If you were to drink 80-100 cups in a relatively short space of time, there is a high chance that it will kill you… that being said, drinking too much water in a short space of time can also kill you… 23 litres of any drink can be lethal.

So providing you drink it responsibly, coffee has its benefits!

What Is My Go-To Coffee Order?

I love a good latte. I am not a huge coffee drinker, in all honesty, so light creamy/milky coffees are the ones for me! If I order a coffee from a coffee shop, I always order a latte, either plain and simple or with some sort of added flavour, with gingerbread lattes or pumpkin spiced lattes being my favourites!

My favourite mainstream coffee shop would have to be Costa. I love a good coffee date to Costa! I enjoy their flavoured coffees and always look forward to their autumn and winter specialities being announced… I can’t wait to try their spiced lattes!

I am not supposed to consume a lot of caffeine due to my anxiety, so I tend to switch to decaf after 2:00 pm or depending on how I am feeling, I will drink decaf all day.

I was surprised when I had my first decaf latte. I was expecting it to taste very different, but it was just as tasty as a normal, caffeinated coffee!

I do find that drinking caffeine can add to my anxiety, especially if I am already having a bad day with it. So if you are struggling with anxiety, I highly recommend decreasing your caffeine intake or cutting it out completely as it has helped me quite a bit… It doesn’t make it disappear, but it does help.

Over on Twitter, we ran a poll to see where people like to go for their caffeine fix:

Costa – 40%
Starbucks – 23%
Cafe Nero – 9%
Other – 28%

I honestly thought that Cafe Nero would have done better, as it has been growing on me lately and they do some delicious drinks!
I was shocked by the number of people who stated ‘other’ too… let’s look at what some of you had to say:

A lovely lady ( @Eryberrie ) said ‘My Kitchen!’ – So I asked her what brand of coffee she purchases, to which she responded with ‘Nescafe’.  I am not a huge fan of Nescafe, but this is the go-to purchase for my parents when buying coffee for the house. I am more of a Kenco fan (I feel it is more smooth and also not as strong in taste).

A gentleman (@PaulDJSwann) replied saying ‘No chains! Find an independent. Better coffee and more likely to pay taxes too!’ – I definitely agree that people should support local businesses more and should visit independent coffee shops too. There is an amazingly unique coffee shop where I live called ‘Dinky Dory’. It is set out like a beach, with cute little beach huts to sit in, or lovely wooden swings for you to enjoy. Not only is it set out beautifully, but they also sell amazing food such as waffles with bacon and maple syrup or fries topped with cheese and burgers! On top of the delicious food, they also sell yummy milkshakes and ice-cream themed cocktails! Coffee shop by day, cocktail bar by night!

The lovely Judith ( @Jude_est82 ) commented saying that although chain stores are not perfect, they come in handy for people who have anxiety and feel the need to order the exact same coffee for every visit. Plus, some mainstream stores offer great customer service too! – I can understand this perfectly… not so much with ordering the same drink, but for me it is getting used to visiting one place, feeling comfortable and getting to know the staff who work there. For me my local Costa or Dinky Dory’s are my absolute favourite places to be, service is great and I feel calm and comfortable enough to visit those stores on my own!

Five of the Best Places in the World to Grab a Coffee (According to Author Liz Clayton).

While doing some research in regards to coffee, I came across an article discussing the top 5 places to go to if you want a good caffeine hit!

Liz Clayton wrote a book with Avidan Ross called ‘Where to Drink Coffee’. This book mentions over 600 places worldwide where you can grab a coffee, these places are all very different in comparison.

To write this book, the authors worked closely with coffee experts and brilliant baristas in order to make the right decisions and include the best information for their readers.

Liz Clayton revealed her top 5 after the book was published… and here they are:

  1.  G&B Coffee – This coffee shop is located in LA. It is a very sociable place, offering great, friendly service and laid-back atmosphere for customers and coffee lovers to enjoy. The layout of this coffee shop is a little different from your standard cafe. It has an open bar, meaning customers do not need to queue, they simply approach the bar to place their order (like you would in a nightclub!). This encourages customers to engage more with one another as well as with the staff. On top of the relaxing vibes this coffee shop gives off, they also offer new items on their menus on a regular basis, including the intriguing espresso milkshakes.
  2. La Fontaine De Belleville, located in Paris. This was the first contemporary speciality cafe to open in Paris. This lovely little cafe offers a vintage vibe as well as delicious food and refreshing coffees.
  3. The Coffee Collective in Denmark. This is another coffee shop which offers a long and open bar, with an espresso machine at one end and a brew bar at the other. People have described The Coffee Collective as having ‘the best filter coffee’ which is described as being ‘clean and crisp’. The store which is based in Torvehallerne is home to Klaus Thomsen, 2006 world barista champion! Therefore this is one of their most popular stores visited by coffee lovers from all over the world. The Coffee Collective do not have many branches, but their coffee is sold in various places around the world, with Northern Ireland being one of them!
  4. Heart Coffee Roasters, located in Oregan. Here you can purchase huge espressos which are served in cappuccino mugs! No coffee is the same from Heart Coffee Roasters as they continually try to better themselves in order for them to sell the best coffees imaginable. If you have a sweet tooth, then Heart Coffee is for you, as sweetness seems to be the name of the game here!
  5. Tim Wendelboe, where you can get your hands on ‘the best coffee desserts on the planet’, including their famous iced cappuccino. Their coffees have light fluffy textures, with a refined and refreshing taste. The drinks are described as being almost always impeccable and are served to you by friendly members of staff in a beautifully cosy environment.

If you would like to read ‘Where to Drink Coffee’, you can purchase it from Amazon using the link below!


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  1. I love this, as well as being factual it also has elements of fun in there too and is a very light read.

    I personally like my coffee super strong! No fancy flavours and patterns, just a simple strong black coffee!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed my first blogtober post! I hope you like the upcoming posts too.
      I cannot do strong coffee myself, but that is the wonders of coffee isn’t it? There is something for everyone!

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