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We officially entered Autumn on the 23rd of September… and I am loving it!! Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, for many many reasons!

The weather is gradually becoming nippier, meaning I get to wear cute sweaters or cosy hoodies, with leggings or comfy jeans and boots! I also love wearing scarves, I have so many of them, I get excited when it is time to root them out!

Autumn is not just about the colder weather… but the other beautiful changes that occur. I love watching the leaves gradually turn pretty shades of brown, red and orange, waiting for them to fall from their branches and float down, landing in a pile on the ground. The smell before rain, the smell of bonfires and fireworks, the smiles on children’s faces as they play in the piles of fallen leaves and watch with fascination as the fireworks light up the night sky. It is that time of year when the mornings start getting darker, making you want to stay in bed that little bit longer, the time when you come home and the first thing you do is switch the heating or the fire on, followed quickly by the kettle. Overall, I think this is a season filled with lots of home comforts and lots of cosy clothes.

Another thing that I absolutely love about Autumn, is the seasonal hot drinks that appear in my favourite coffee shops! I had my very first Pumpkin Spiced Latte the other day… here is what I thought:
It was very tasty and was definitely on the sweet side (if you have a sweet tooth, this one is definitely fo
r you!) I think the taste was very cinnamony, which reminded me of Christmas! Overall I absolutely loved this drink and I will definitely be having more of these in the future.

I love the cooler weather and I don’t even mind the rainy days… but once that coldness starts to turn bitter and icy, that it when the enjoyment starts to fade away. Nippy days are tolerable, you can wrap up in a nice sweater with a scarf and coat and be on your way; but when it starts to become bitter, you have to dig out the hats and the gloves too, and your nose becomes icy cold and you can’t use your phone because of the gloves! I am hoping the bitterness will remain at bay for a while.

I asked my lovely followers what they love and what they hate about Autumn… let’s take a look at their responses:

Judith (@Jude_est82) said: ‘I like hiding under my hood… I must have several hoodies, very cosy!’ 

I have to admit, I absolutely love hoodies! I have some kind of addiction to them, especially in the autumn and winter months. I own many of them and they always make me feel super snuggly!

Stewart (@AuthorSJB) said: ‘I like the cosiness of it, but I prefer the warm weather… I could quite happily live in a warm climate and leave the cold behind!’ – to which Zoe (@Artsytype_83) replied: ‘Oh no! 6 months of sun and heat, straight into 6 months of deep snow sounds awesome to me! I absolutely love holidays to snowy climates with log cabins and roaring fires to come back to after some fun on a snowmobile!’

I have to agree with Zoe here! It is nice to have a change from time to time… I do love summery days and holidays in the sun, but I also love the cold too! I don’t think I could choose one to live in forever! I would also love to go on a skiing holiday and stay in a cosy little cabin, that is something that I have on my bucket list!
I think that change in the weather is good… if you are not a fan of the cold, it makes you appreciate the hot summer days that little bit more when they come back around!

@Blitster_Twister said: ‘I love the darkness and everyone staying indoors in the evening. Not seeing the neighbours so much and everyone hurrying to get home. I hate the wind…rain, hail, snow, leaves and grit! All that crap that blows in my face. My hair is short but I hate it being moved all of the time.’

I also love the darkness, there is something about it that makes me feel cosy! I also love how quiet the evenings become, as children and gangs tend to stay indoors because of the cold! As I mentioned earlier, I like the chilly days, but when they become icy and bitter I start to wish them away! I am definitely not a fan of hailstones, they are like tiny little bullets and when I get caught in them I end up doing a very girly run to try and find shelter!

Kylie (@AspergirlKylie) said: ‘I love that it brings the fall colours, hot drink season, like chai lattes and hiking season! I dislike that it becomes harder to stay outside for long because of the cold. But the colours make the cold a little more bearable.’

I agree with Kylie, I love the colours and the yummy hot drinks, I also love walking in the Autumn too, especially when it is nippy outside and not freezing cold. I find that I take in more of my surroundings when I am out and about during the Autumn, maybe it is the colours that make me more observant…

Thank you to everyone who took part in today’s post! I hope you are all having a lovely Autumn!
Please feel free to comment about the things that you love and hate about Autumn in the comment section below: Make sure to tick the ‘follow comments’ box so that you are notified of any replies. 


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