Improve Your Office Day

Okay, so those of you who know me will know that my desk (where most of my blogging takes place) is not the tidiest place to sit! So I have decided to have a cleanup today, seeing as it is ‘Improve Your Office Day’ and thought I would share it with you!

I will be sharing some tips and tricks to a clean, organised office space as well as showing you some of my ‘must have’ products when it comes to blogging and some of my favourite items, I hope you enjoy!

It is not always a bad thing to have a messy workspace, however sometimes having a nice tidy, uncluttered space to work in can help you to feel more relaxed and can also improve your concentration. I have to admit, my desk is always full of stuff… not necessarily rubbish, but multiple books, stickers, pens, sticky notes, letters etc. I recently had a clear out, throwing away old notebooks and stationary that I no longer need nor use, I went through the three drawers on my desk and organised them, and I put all my empty books and papers inside my desk stool (as the top lifts up!).

I have to say, organising my drawers has made working a lot less stressful as it is so much easier to find the things that I need. I now use my top drawer to keep my protein snacks and little bits and pieces such as my beads for bracelet making! I use my second drawer for, blog books, notepads and envelopes and letter writing items and I use my bottom drawer for colouring books, colouring pens and pencils and other arts and crafts!

On my desk I have my MacBook with a cute little bunny head cable holder for my charger (to stop it falling behind my desk), a small stationary drawer set (where I keep stickers, washi tape, badges, sticky notes, staples and stapler), I have a pencil holder, with my fine liners and pencils in, my ‘bloggers bible’ and my current blog project book! I also must always have a candle on my desk, I love to light my candle in the evening while I work on blog posts and other forms of writing.

My most important item when it comes to blogging (besides my MacBook of course), is my Bloggers Bible! I came across this item on eBay for £16… now you may think that is a little expensive for a blog book, but you could create this kind of book by yourself if you had the time and creativity to do so (which I lack immensely). This book is my life-saver! It has a separate section for each month of the year, each starting with two calendars for that month… one calendar is filled with event days such as ‘Improve Your Desk Day’, this is a great way to prompt blog post ideas and social media post ideas when you are struggling for content! The other calendar is empty, to allow you to jot down important dates and schedule posts of your own! The next page has the following headings and sections: Ideas & Themes, Guest Bloggers to Contact, Companies to Contact, Objectives (with tick boxes down the side), Competitions & Giveaways, Products to Promote, Expenses & Earnings, Monthly Stats for followers and likes! This is a great way to jot down any monthly theme idea, as well as keeping any important contacts for that month all in one place! I also enjoy filling in the monthly stats at the end of each month and comparing them to the previous month. This book also offers a blank page at the start of each month for ‘Brainstorming!’, I tend to use this space for mind-mapping blog post ideas. The next few pages include individual scheduling for each specific blog post for that month, here you write the post title, the date the post is scheduled for, the date that the post was published, what hashtags you will use when sharing the post, a section to check off which social media platforms you will share the post too, and tick boxes for the following: ‘written’, ‘proofed’, ‘photos taken’, ‘scheduled’ and ‘published’! This is a great way to organise your posts (especially if you are like me and enjoy handwriting blog notes before typing it up). There are also tick boxes in regards to following up the post such as checking comments, and replying to them as well as checking for spam!

This amazing book also came with social media stickers to use throughout the book, so instead of ticking Twitter to show that I shared my post there, I can put a Twitter sticker there instead, adding colour and making it stand out more.

I highly recommend this book to bloggers but as I mentioned earlier, it would be possible to set out an ordinary notebook in this way if you wanted too!

Another must have for me when it comes to blogging, are sticky notes! I love sticky notes and they are super handy for jotting down important things that I need to do or remember! I tend to stick them onto my Mac as I use it every day so there is no way I could possibly miss them! I like to use cute girly sticky notes, so when I came across this little book in Wilko’s I simply could not resist (so I purchased two!). I am probably due a new one soon, so I will be searching for different designs!

I have also recently become a fan of washi tape, mainly to decorate my letters with and using as borders for my handwritten notes. They are super cute and fun, and they make my notes and letters look pretty and quirky as well as making the receivers of my letters smile when they come through their door! I recently purchased a pack of 6 washi tape rolls from Poundland, they are really lovely colours and designs and I will definitely be buying more in the near future as they had lots of designs to choose from!

I asked my lovely Twitter followers whether they would describe themselves as being tidy and organised or messy and unorganised, this is what they said:

Harish (@HarishHere) said: ‘Messy like hell…but I never forget things or lose them. If I have put the cap of the pen under a pile of clothes, I remember it. The problem is my mom picks it up and places it to its correct place and when and then when I’m unable to find it…she blames it on me being messy!’

I completely understand this! Nine out of ten times I always know where things are when I need them, despite my workspace being messy… It is organised chaos!

ThinkOutlandish (@BlogOutlandish) said: ‘My workspace is pretty clean. It’s probably because I use text editors for random notes than scribbling down on paper. I can’t say the same about my home workspace though. For that, I’ll have to align with Harish!’

I work in a cafe so I do not have my own workspace there, I am constantly cleaning up throughout the day! However, I love handwriting notes and drafting my blog posts by hand, so I have lots of notes and papers jotted around my home workspace! I try to keep it all in one place, though some of them manage to go astray… 

@Asphodelmoon said: ‘like to think I’m organised but I’m really not. My desk space is always cluttered no matter how often I tidy it!’

I could not agree more with this! I have thrown away lots of stuff, but my desk still seems cluttered… although the things that are cluttering it are the things that I tend to use on a day-to-day basis! 

I would love to know whether any of you lovely lot have changed your office space today? What are your favourite items, what must you have on your desk at all times? Would you class yourself as being organised or messy?

Let us know in the comments below and remember to Have Hope Always xo

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