Activities For Colder Days

The cold weather can often bring people down. Not being able to go outside and take part in regular activities can be a bit of a bummer… but you do not need to be outside to be having fun! There are loads of things that you can do indoors, that are just as fun and enjoyable.

A friend of mine said that they hate the cold weather because they love going for picnics with their children when the weather is nice… well have a picnic indoors? Put the fire on, lay the blanket down, set out the food, and have tea on the living room floor! The kids will love it because they can even watch TV at this picnic! It changes things up and makes tea-time interesting for all the family, children can bring their teddy bears for a picnic or they could pick a board game to play after food! I agree it is not the same as running around and playing in the park, but it is still fun and a great way to spend time together as a family. 

Make new foods and explore with recipes and home cooking. This may not be something you usually do, but it can be enjoyable to try new things! Google some easy homemade soup recipes or even just bake some cakes, I find baking can be quite fun and even if the end product doesn’t turn out great, it was still a nice way to pass the time! If making your own homemade meals or desserts is really not your thing, why not order a takeaway with friends or family and put on a movie for the evening? This can be super relaxing and enjoyable, even if you are watching alone!

You could have an Autumn clean up! Turn the music up and get your clean on. It is always good to have a long therapeutic cleanup session from time to time and personally I think Autumn is the perfect time for this as you can throw out loads of old stuff and be ready for all the new things that Christmas brings! I will definitely be doing this one day soon, not only to be ready for Christmas but also so I can redecorate my bedroom!

The lovely Estelle (@Estellosaurus) suggested playing games (maybe on the PlayStation or Xbox), or do some jigsaw puzzles, read a book or have a sofa picnic! – I love how indoor picnics are a thing.

This suggestion led me to think about the smaller things that we can do on the colder days, such as board games, binge-watching TV shows, colouring books (one of my favourites!), writing, drawing, being creative! Lots of little yet fun activities that you can do to keep yourself busy! Most of these come under great self-care too!

My advice would be to try not to do the same thing day in and day out. Change is good! Doing the same thing over and over again can become boring and can, in turn, make you feel down and drained. It is nice to switch things around from time to time, do things that you would not normally do, maybe even step out of your comfort zone for the day! If you usually sit in front of the TV all day, try getting up and doing something more active or productive, such as a mini workout or doing something artistic.
You do not have to be great at drawing or making things, you can still have fun no matter what the outcome looks like…and who knows, you might make something that you are proud of!

People seem to forget that staying indoors does not necessarily have to be in your own home… you can still go out for the day and visit places that are warm and sheltered! This is great if you have children, or even if you hate being trapped inside your own home 24/7. 
You could visit fun activity centres such as trampoline parks and indoor play areas, or you could go down a more educational route and visits museums or galleries… there are even some farms that have indoor animals that you can visit! You could go out for a nice pub lunch with the family, enjoy an evening of shopping at an indoor shopping centre, go for a cinema date or go bowling! There are endless indoor activities that you can you enjoy when the weather sucks, it is all about finding something that suits you!

Cold weather does not mean that you cannot enjoy yourself, plan some different activities and find different indoor places that you can visit! Tell us all about them in the comments below!



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