World Sight Day

So the 11th October is World Sight Day, a day where awareness is raised in regards to blindness. This was created by The World Health Organisation and many different charities and businesses play their part in raising awareness on this day! 

I have decided to share some photography with you, I feel as though those who have their sight, take it for granted (myself included!), so I wanted to take a moment and capture the world around me, to take it all in and appreciate it as there are many people who pray to see the things that we can see… from items in a shop window or  beautiful flowers and the falling leaves of autumn to the smiles of our loved ones. All of these things, that we wouldn’t usually think twice about seeing. 

So take a moment, really look at the things around you, the small things and the important things, and appreciate them while you are lucky enough to do so.

I have many photographs that I would love to share! Many that people may see as being ‘nothing special’… but everything we look at on a daily basis is something special!

I will be posting an article at the end of each month which will be titled ‘My Month in Pictures’ which will show all my photographs and memories from that month, I would love to see some of your monthly memories too, so please feel free to share them with me via social media or email!

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