No Bra Day

I love that this day has fallen on a Saturday as it often falls on a day where I am at work and am unable to go braless… So this year I am whipping that bra off and letting the little ladies free! (For today anyway). 

 As many of you may know, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and today is a way of raising awareness for breast cancer. 

In all honesty, I do not like being braless… I even sleep in a bra (which is bad for you, I know! But I am simply not comfy without my bra!), So today, I imagine, will be tough for me. I also get super self-conscious about going out in public without wearing a bra, and whenever we go on a night out I feel like I have to wear a bra to ‘enhance’ my assets, in order to make me look like I have more there and to make me feel more ‘womanly’…

But then I stop and think. There are young girls and women out there who have lost their breasts to Cancer. There are people out there who are being diagnosed with the horrible, life-changing disease as we speak. And here I am worrying about how my boobs will look in my new dress/top. Selfish right? Inconsiderate? I agree!

I am not saying that I am not allowed to feel self-conscious because there are others out there who have it worse… but I am saying that we should stop to think sometimes. We should try and appreciate our bodies and our lives more, especially when you never know what is around the corner.
I know that if I were to be diagnosed with breast cancer, I would be devastated and terrified, especially if I was to need a mastectomy. I think about hearing such news… and I realise that my boobs are not that bad and in fact, I kind of like them as they are!

We take things for granted without even realising it. So today, I am going braless, I plan to go out and do my shopping braless and I plan on sleeping braless tonight too. I have so much respect to women who have been diagnosed with such a horrid disease, women who fight no matter how hard it gets, women who beat cancer but have to make sacrifices along the way… I also respect the women who have lost their battles, for I know how hard they must have fought. Cancer changes lives. It changes the life of the person diagnosed, even if they beat it, their life will never be the same again… they will look at things differently. It changes the lives of friends and family, it makes them value their relationships and become a stronger unit… if the person loses their fight, cancer changes the lives of those left behind.

Today I will be donating to CoppaFeel, an amazing breast cancer charity who work hard to raise awareness of breast cancer, reminding people the importance of checking their boobs as well as having a range of helpful resources informing people of how to check their boobs, how often they should be checked and what specific things that they should look out for!

You can read more about this wonderful charity here!

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