The World Seems Different (Poem)

I recently wrote a poem which has a nice Autumn feel to it, so I thought it would be perfect to share it with you all as part of my Blogtober posts.

The World Seems Different

Autumn days among us,
Watching the leaves float down,
Everything is changing,
The world seems different now.

Shades of brown and orange,
Conkers on the ground,
Silent evenings come creeping
The world seems different now.

Sipping on hot chocolate,
Feeling almost calm,
Listening to the fire crackling,
The world seems different now.

Four times a year,
The world around us changes,
From Autumn to Winter, Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer,
We go full circle, and the world passes us by

We need to take a moment,
For each and every season,
A moment to stop, breathe and take in the changes,
Embrace how incredible life is…
For the world seems different now.




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