Is Halloween Dying Out?

I recently had a conversation about how much Halloween has changed since I was little and how I feel as though it is slowly dying out…

When I was younger Halloween was always super fun and exciting! My mum and dad would decorate the house a little and they would take me out Trick or Treating… nearly every house would have some form of Halloween decorations outside and would answer the door with a big bowl of sweets for me to choose from. I would return home after an hour or two of going door to door with a bag full of different treats! My mum and dad would let me choose one to eat before going to bed and would put the others away for the following day (they would last for weeks there was that many!)

As I got older, I went Trick or Treating with my cousins who lived down the road, and then eventually with my friends, each year fewer people would answer their doors on the night of Halloween.

When I was 14-15 I took my little brother (who was 4-5 at the time), and he only received a handful of sweets by the end of the night. By the time my brother was 8-9, he wasn’t even interested in going Trick or Treating anymore as no one answered their doors and the night was spent searching for a house that wasn’t in darkness in the hope of receiving some treats!

It makes me wonder whether it is like this everywhere these days? Is Halloween slowly dying out, will the next generation of children ever experience the joys of Trick or Treating or will it become a story of the past?

Halloween is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not only for the children and families who are going door to door, but even for those giving out the treats, seeing the smiles on children’s faces and decorating your house to add to the fun!

But society has changed. There is less trust in those around us, making people too scared to open their doors on Halloween night… and any other night for that matter! I for one hate answering the door when I am not expecting a visit. When did this happen? When did society become so bad that children can’t enjoy Halloween anymore? When did parents become scared to let their children play outdoors in the evening, scared to let them go too far or scared to let them take their new toys out of the house on their own?

What happened to not worrying where their children are, what happened to being able to leave doors unlocked while you nip to the corner shop? So much has changed over the years… and not for the better.

I would love to know whether this is the case where you live? Or whether it is just my hometown… leave a comment down below! 


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