What I Would Do If I Won The Lottery!

We are all guilty of fantasizing about winning the lottery (even those of us who do not buy tickets… like me!)

I was tagged by the lovely Lauren, who recently shared what she would spend her imaginary multi-millions on, as she would like to know what I would do with that kind of money! Well, I can safely say that I know exactly what I would do if I were to win a life-changing amount of money…

First, I would find and buy my own home! I love the look of a converted barn or cottage, so I would try to find one that would be perfect for me… one that is not too big, but big enough for a family!  I would want my home to have a large garden so that I can plant pretty flowers and so that my mass amount of dogs (we will get to that later!) can have room to run around and have fun. In my garden, I would like a cosy shed or out-house, which I would do up as a cute little reading room, with a super comfy armchair, fairy lights, a small desk and a bookshelf inside. This would be my own little escape, a place where I can go to relax and just breathe!

I would decorate my home in quite a modern fashion, with lots of open spaces and cosy decor. I would make sure to have a large office room with two desks, so that both me and Jacob have a place to do whatever it is that we like to do (blog writing for me, game playing or coding for Jacob!) This would have lots of storage space and cute features such as fleece blankets, a coffee machine, mini-fridge and calming lights, so that we can feel calm and happy while we work.

On to buying animals… I feel the majority of my winnings would end up going in this area…

I have always wanted a French Bulldog, but with such a large amount of money, it would be silly to stop at one right? I would have two or three beautiful Frenchies and make sure that they had absolutely everything that they could ever need! They would be super spoilt and loved. I would also love to have a leopard print gecko called dotty! Geckos are so cute and sweet, I recently held one for the first time at our local farm and fell in love with her! I cannot wait to own one.
Both me and Jacob have talked about buying a hedgehog, so I am sure this would also be a must if we were to win the lottery!

I would pay for a fast track driving course and pass my driving test and buy myself a nice car that would be suitable for when we start a family. I would also buy Jacob a car of his choice (it is only fair isn’t it?)

One of the more extravagant things that I would buy is an apartment or villa in Italy… either in Venice or Rome. Me and Jake went to Rome for our very first holiday together and we absolutely fell in love with the place! We have vowed to go back and have often talked about having a holiday home in Italy if we can ever afford to do so.

There are many places that I would love to visit, so I feel travelling would definitely take up a lot of the money! I would definitely want to visit Disney World Florida (cliche I know!), I would also love to go to Thailand for a long holiday (4 weeks to be precise.) I could give you a full list of places I would like to visit but we would be here all night… so it would probably be best if I just booked a round world trip!

I would throw out all of my clothes and buy clothes that I actually want to wear! I swear I have a much better sense of fashion but not enough money to show it off, so this would be the best opportunity for me to change my wardrobe.

So far I sound super selfish… but I would definitely make sure that my close family and friends get a fair share of my winnings! I would give my mum and dad enough money to move house and decorate their new home to their liking, I would give my dad enough money to buy himself whatever car he desires (probably a Jag or a Ferrari of some sort), I would put enough money away for my little brother to make sure he could buy his own home when he is old enough to do so, and I would buy him the latest technology goods as he is obsessed with anything technical! I would give my best friend enough money to put down a deposit on a nice house for herself and I would be taking her to Disney World with me because let’s face it, going to Disney World without my bestie would just be plain wrong!

I would quit my job and do more voluntary work, as well as focusing on my blog! I would love to open up my own animal shelter, rescuing animals in need and taking in animals whose owners can no longer look after them. I would also buy a large block of flats and do them up nicely before renting them out for cheap so that people can actually afford them! There are so many people who end up on the streets due to the costs of everyday living being so high, so I feel this would help people step onto the property ladder and be able to live their lives without worrying so much about the bills and costs of everything.

I did originally consider buying a block of flats to open up to the homeless, and making sure to have police officers patrolling the flats to ensure peoples safety… but eventually, paying for the bills of each flat on my own would become impossible. So I thought that renting them out for a cheap cost would be more efficient…

So that is what I would buy if I were to win the lottery! What would you do with such a large sum of money? Let me know in the comments below… or share your own blog post telling us all about it! 

Thank you, Lauren, for the tag! 
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