Last-Minute Costume Ideas!

We all know someone who leaves everything until the last minute… maybe you are that person! If you still haven’t bought yourself or your children a Halloween costume, you have come to the right place, as this post is all about last-minute costumes, some that you can buy and others that you can make yourself! 

As some of you may know from a previous Blogtober post, for the last couple of years I have not bought a Halloween costume, but instead bought normal clothes that I have made into a costume at the last minute… Last year I bought an orange top from New Look which I paired with an old black skirt, I then bought some black and orange striped stockings and mini pumpkin fairy lights from Poundland and went dressed as a pumpkin! It was a very last minute choice, but I added some face paint and crimped my hair and off I went! This year, I bought a black crop top with skeleton hands on the chest, with some skeleton stockings! I will be pairing this with a white tennis skirt and some face paint and I will be going as a skeleton… As you can see, I prefer to put together my own costumes, not only can it be cheaper to do this, but 9 out of 10 times the items can be worn again (maybe not the stockings, but the tops will definitely be used again!)

I have helped a couple of friends put together last minute costumes in the past and thought I would share some ideas with you, as well as sharing some places where you can buy some last minute Halloween bits and bobs!

There are lots of things that you can do as a last minute Halloween costume, or if you are not a fan of going all out with a costume, some of these may be for you!

  1. You could go as a dead boy/girl or a zombie, simply by ripping up some old clothes and splashing on some fake blood! Mess your hair up and put some blood on your face and you are good to go! – Most pound shops should have fake blood available!
  2. Find a cape (or make one out of an old bed sheet!) and put some fake blood around your mouth and be a vampire!
  3. You could just dress in Halloween colours (black, orange, purple, green or red) and put on some face paint… you can be whatever you like! From a witch to pumpkin, or even a devil.
  4. You could buy a Halloween T-shirt and pair it with your favourite jeans, leggings, a skirt or shorts! Asda have some Halloween themed T-shirt for as little as £3 check them out here!
  5. You could just wear your favourite outfit and paint your face, that way you look fabulous, you are comfortable and still taking part in the Halloween fun!
  6. B&M has some great costumes available for decent prices… but the sad part is that they do not have online purchases available, so you will have to go to our nearest store to see what is available there!
  7. I love the idea of Disney Bounding… This is when you wear normal everyday clothing, matching the colours/style of your favourite Disney character (such as wearing a red and white dotty skirt with a black top and yellow shoes to be Minnie Mouse)… This may not be scary, but once again fake blood comes into the mix and can do wonders!
  8. Girls, you can’t go wrong with a black dress or skirt and top with some Halloween tights or stockings! Simple, cute and Halloween themed!
  9. Boys, you can’t go wrong with jeans, white shirt, cape and blood! Simple, stylish, and Halloween themed! (Plus when you take the cape off you just look casual (with a little bit of blood on your face!)
  10. Or if you really hate dressing up, but have no choice… you could just buy a Halloween hairband or a mask and have done with!

I hope I have managed to give at least one person some inspiration for a last-minute Halloween costume! Please feel free to comment some of your own ideas below, I would love to hear more!


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