Halloween Makeup Practice

I do not wear a lot of makeup, in fact, I hardly ever wear any at all! So when it comes to Halloween makeup I often have no idea what I am doing. I can do other people’s makeup much better than I can do my own (which is very frustrating). But it is no fun if you don’t give it a go right?

I mentioned in previous Blogtober posts that I am going as a skeleton this year, so I am wanting my face makeup to represent my costume…

I originally wanted to do half of my face with costume makeup and the other half with normal makeup, something like the image on the left. I have tried two different white face paints and have found them both to be terrible! It took forever to get it to cover my face and actually look white and even then it was still not thick enough for my liking. I do think I will go for a red lipstick though as this is a colour that I really love to wear but it is a little bit too bright to wear on a normal day.

I also bought some false lashes (which I have never worn in my life!), these were from Asda and were£4. They are very long and they have tiny little spiders on them; perfect for Halloween! Please excuse my terrible eyebrows, I am having them waxed before our Halloween night out! I tried my lashes on, as you can see in the right side picture. They are very long and they were a little bit irritating… I will see what I think of them when I am wearing my full costume on the night! If I decide against them, it won’t be the end of the world as my natural lashes are quite long anyway… so a bit of mascara should do the trick!

I then thought about toning the makeup down and going down a more simple route. So I scrapped the white face paint altogether and just used the black paint for details.

I thought this looked a little bit like a sugar skull, simple and cute! This was the first attempt in this style and there are a couple of changes that I would like to make to this look if I chose to do this on the night!

I do not have any other makeup on in this picture (left), so if I was to go for this look for our night out, I would have my foundation on as a base layer, some eyeliner (and possibly eyeshadow) and some red lipstick.

I would also take away the swirls that I have painted on my cheeks and the lines that I have painted from the bottom of the diamond on my forehead and keep it simple. I do think this will be my choice as it was much easier to do and less time consuming too! It is a shame that the white makeup I bought was not good enough as I would have loved to experiment with that more and I think I could have done a much better job with it!


We are going out on Friday 2nd November as our Halloween night out, so I will be sure to post pictures of my costume and chosen makeup on the Saturday for you all to see! Hopefully, it will all come together and will look half decent on the night!


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