Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

*Todays Advent Calendar door revealed a travel set of mini makeup brushes!*

It can be so difficult finding a nice gift for those important men in our lives, so having to buy all of them a gift at the same time can be a bit of a nightmare! I hope that this post can be useful to those who are struggling for gift ideas…

Smelly Sets!

Okay so, of course, the first obvious option here is aftershave! I know what you are thinking ‘same old, same old’, but we all love receiving a gift set of our favourite aftershave or perfume. So if you know their favourite scent, go for it! Or you could go with other nice smelly sets, and no, I am not about to say Lynx!

Over the years I have noticed that Boots sell a wide variety of gift sets in the months leading up to Christmas, and to make life that little bit better, they have a 3 for 2 offer on them, allowing you to mix and match them so that you can buy multiple gifts at a great price.

They have Ted Baker, Jack Wills, Nivea, Soap and Glory, Baylis and Harding, Fat Face, Dove, FCUK, Superdry and many more brands to choose from!

There are some lovely cheaper options from just £5, or you can choose a larger, more expensive set for £50… the choice is yours!

Here are some of my favourites this year:

This first set is by Jack Wills, I personally think that Jack Wills sets always smell lush and they are usually well priced for what you get in them. This set comes with a body spray, a bar of soap and three pairs of Jack Wills socks. This set is priced at £15. I decided to check the Jack Wills website to see how much it would cost to buy these items separately and I found that a pack of three pairs of socks would cost £14.95 on their own! So you are definitely grabbing yourself a bargain!

Order Yours Here!

My second choice is the Ted Baker Sporty and Fresh set. Again, Ted Baker often smells divine! This set comes in at  £16 and contains hair and body wash, a cleansing bar, body spray, antiperspirant spray and a face cloth. This is a simple gift set by a well-known brand, filled with the basic essentials that most if not all men will use.  This is a nice looking set and I am sure the majority of men out there would appreciate a gift like this.  This particular set smells of bergamot, eucalyptus and ylang.

Order Yours Here!

This next set is a little on the cheaper side, coming in at just £6. This is a three piece set by Baylis and Harding containing shower gel, hair and body wash and some aftershave balm. Baylis and Harding are a good brand that sells many different shower and bath essentials for both men and women. This is a smart looking set, perfect for shopping on a budget. This particular set smells of cedar wood and wild sage.

Order Yours Here!

There are of course more expensive options, I personally like Jack Wills and Ted Baker the best as I think their sets always look very presentable as well as smelling amazing.  The following Ted Baker set will cost you £30 and the Jack Wills set will cost £45


The Ted Baker travel set comes with a stylish, generously sized travel bag along with two differently scented hair and body wash bottles, one body spray and one antiperspirant deodorant.

The Jack Wills set comes with a stylish gym bag which contains two body washes in two different scents, a bar of soap and two body sprays (also in different scents).

These are both lovely looking sets and are great for being a main present for someone you love.

You can buy the Ted Baker set here!

You can buy the Jack Wills set here!


Most men love gadgets. I know my other half certainly does. But what type of gadgets could you purchase that will not break the bank?

I have to say I love Amazon for things like this. If you know that the person you are buying for is a book lover, you could purchase an Amazon Kindle which range in price from £59.99 to £229.99

I have the original Kindle costing £59.99 and it is great if you only want to use it for books. The screen is in black and white, it is easy to read in the sunlight and you can highlight and make notes on the books that you are reading. The only issue I have with this particular Kindle is that it does not have a backlight, meaning you cannot read it in the dark (I like to read in bed, so this was a little bit of a bummer for me as I have to leave the bedroom light on if I want to read), but other than this, the Kindle does as expected!

The more expensive Kindles do have their own backlight and come with more storage! These are also water-proof so you can read whilst sitting by a pool or on the beach… or just in the bathtub


You can look at the different Amazon Kindles here!

If you wanted more than just an E-reader, you could opt for the Amazon Fire Tablet 7. This comes in at £49.99 and not only can you read books on here, but you can also download your favourite apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!)

You can have a look at this tablet, as well as newer more expensive versions here!

Other great ideas from Amazon include the Alexa Echo Dot and accessories! These little gadgets can be fun for all the family, but I think they are good gifts to give to loved ones too.

The new 3rd generation Echo Dot comes in at £49.99, this little round pod can do a number of different things:

  • It is a voice controlled speaker
  • You can ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, do a google search, make a shopping list, order items for you online, play games with you, give you the latest news report and much more!
  • If you have matching accessories, you can ask Alexa to dim the lights, turn on the TV and other electrical items.
  • If you have more than one Echo device you can connect them all and have music playing throughout your home.
  • You can talk to friends in other homes through the Dot, providing they have one too of course.

It is a fun little device that I am sure many would appreciate.

You can order yours here, as well as being able to view their other Alexa items!

Days Out!

I came across this great gift which offers a range of different thrill-seeking activities to choose from, many of which can involve two or more people!

This gift costs £45 and gives the individual the chance to pick which activity they would like to take part in. There are limitations on location depending on which they choose, but overall this is a great gift for someone who is on the adventurous side or someone who is indecisive. Some of the activities that you can choose from include:

  • Jack the Ripper pub tour for four people
  • Caving Experience
  • The Live Escape Game for two people
  • Cambridge Ghost Tour for four people
  • Liverpool Ghost Walk for two people
  • Nissan Skyline Blast for two people
  • A variety of car driving experiences, including Ferrari and Bently
  • Surfing
  • Quad biking

And many more!

 You can purchase this gift voucher here!

Or maybe they are more into relaxing? In which case a spa day or a weekend break would be a lovely gift idea!

I came across this spa day gift, costing £55 for two people to enjoy a 25-minute treatment each as well as having access to all of the spa facilities for as long as they like!

This deal includes many different hotels across the country, so there should be one near to you!

You can check this offer out here!

Fun and Quirky Stocking Fillers!

You cannot go wrong with having a bit of a laugh with some fun and quirky gifts! There are loads available out there for you to choose from, but here is a couple that I found:

Matching mugs! These are £6.99, plain, simple, funny, cute and pretty accurate too!

Everyone loves a nice brew every now and again so why not enjoy one together in these matching mugs. Not only are they practical, but they have a very important reminder written on them too! Perfect for couples of all ages!

There are other designs available, but these are my personal favourite.

You can buy your matching mugs here! 

Okay… this one made me laugh when I came across it, so I am sharing it for the world to see!


This is a giant stress boob in a box and it costs £3.29, bargain, right?

I am convinced that everyone loves boobs, I definitely want one of these for myself. I genuinely find stress balls to be useful and relaxing, so not only are these fun, they are useful too!

You can buy your very own boobies here! 

The next one is called The Lazy Mug and it is a self-stirring mug! I think this is a brilliant little gadget, though I would fear to press the button and my brew going everywhere, I would love to try one!

This costs £7.99, not bad considering it mixes your brew for you.

Get your Lazy Mug here!

Things That You Can’t Go Wrong With

  • Alcohol! Whether it be a large bottle or a mini gift set, alcohol is often a safe gift to buy. I have seen some nice sets in Asda, Iceland, Aldi and Tesco all at reasonable prices!
  • Underwear! Boxers and/or socks are also a common gift, but they are also much appreciated! These are items that all men need, and it is nice to have new underwear! Or if you are buying for your partner, you could buy some nice sexy underwear for yourself but gift it to them…
  • Nightwear – There are lots of lovely PJ sets that emerge around Christmas time and they can make lovely gifts for people. Not just PJ’s but dressing gowns and slippers too!
  • Sweet treats – If you know their favourite chocolates or sweets, you could put together a little hamper! Or just buy them a box of their favourites.

I am going to end this here or I will just go on forever! I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any gift suggestions please comment below! 

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