Christmas Gift Ideas For Her!

*Today’s Advent Calendar door revealed illuminating setting spray, something I have wanted for a very long time! I can’t wait to practice with all my new makeup products*

Us ladies can be hard to buy for sometimes, so I thought I would put together a Christmas Gift Guide to help people out!

The Basics!

Again, smelly sets are great! And I will continue to recommend Boots for their lovely unique gift sets.

Boots run a 3 for 2 offer during the run-up to Christmas, with sets ranging from £5 to £50, accommodating for all budget types! Some of my favourite sets come from Soap and Glory, Ted Baker, Baylis and Harding and Jack Wills. I would also like to add that Boots 3 for 2 offer does not only include smelly sets, but also lovely make-up sets, hair product sets, cosy socks, mugs, slippers and more! Definitely worth a look!

Here are some of my favourite smelly sets that are available this year!

This lovely Soap and Glory Pink Credibles set comes in at just £10! It includes mini versions of some of their classic items such as the Clean on Me shower cream, the Scrub of Your Life body wash, Hand Food moisturiser and the Righteous Butter! As well as these lovely classic items, it also includes a Radiance Boosting Face Mask.

I am a huge fan of Soap and Glory so I would highly recommend their products as presents for all occasions… their classic scents smell simple yet beautiful! And their gift sets always look so presentable too!

I am yet to try their face masks, but I will be sure to write about them once I give them a go!

You can order yours here!

Those of you who know me, will know how much I adore Jack Wills products and if I was rich I am pretty sure both my wardrobe and my bathroom cupboard would be full to the brim with their stuff!! I also love body sprays… so when I discovered Jack Wills body sprays, I instantly fell in love! I received a huge Jack Wills set last year which had two of their body sprays included and they were amazing! I am secretly hoping that Santa pops these bad boys in my Christmas stocking this year…

This set of three Jack Wills sprays come in at £10 (although they are currently £7.50!)
They are three different scents, though they are equally as lush as each other.

These are great for keeping in your bag to use throughout the day or to use as an alternative to perfume, and they do tend to stay on for quite some time (especially when sprayed onto clothing).

You can buy yours here! 

Nivea also do some lovely sets! Although people tend to buy Nivea products for older people, I do not see why younger people would not like to receive such products!

This particular gift set includes the following items: Micellar Water (which I absolutely swear by if you want to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh!), Oil in Lotion, Rhubarb and Raspberry shower silk mousse, Smoothe Care Hand Cream, Pearly Shine Lip Balm and a shower puff! All incredibly beautiful and much-loved products!  This set will cost you £15, but you are definitely getting your money worth with this one.

You can buy yours here!

Some of the more expensive options are:

The Ted Baker Fragrant Bloom set containing body spray, hand cream, body wash, tinted lip balm, mascara and eyeshadow crayon. A lovely mixture of fragrance and beauty! This beautiful set costs £20 and comes in an adorable little box, making it look very presentable, perfect for a nice gift!

Ted Baker body sprays are often very flowery and sweet (which I adore!), this particular set contains mini versions of the items listed above, meaning the body spray is the perfect size to keep in your handbag or pocket! I do tend to take my Ted Baker spray with me when I am going out as it is a nice way to freshen up throughout the day/night!

Ted Baker make-up is usually great too! I am yet to try their eyeshadow crayons, but I can say that their mascaras are often brilliant! The one that I have at the moment comes with a rubber brush, and it goes on smoothly without any clumps sticking your lashes together (always a bonus!).

You can buy yours here! 

This next set will set you back by £45… but it is a stunning set that would make a gorgeous gift! This set is a Jack Wills set and includes body wash, body lotion, body scrub, body spray and a beautiful knitted scarf.

Again these are lovely scents! And the scarf is a gorgeous wintery colour and it stylish too!

If it is the scarf that draws you to this set… Jack Wills also have a smaller set costing £25 (though it is currently £18.75!) which includes a body spray and a grey knitted scarf!

You can find the £45 set here! 
And the £25 set here!

Jack Wills also do this stunning stationary gift set (which I have fell in love with!!) it comes with a cute bag, a notebook, a pen, some lip balm and a body spray! It costs £25 but I personally think that is a good price considering you get the bag with it!

Again I am secretly hoping that Santa knows me well enough to put one of these gift sets under my tree this year! But only time will tell.

This gift is perfect for someone who is always busy writing, planning or even just doodling! As a blogger, I adore receiving new stationery, so when I seen this set by one of my favourite brands, I instantly wanted to own it!

You can purchase yours here!

Cute Gifts Most Women Would Love!

Okay so I know I am not the only girl who appreciates cute little gifts like these…

New Look also have a 3 for 2 range this year which includes some rather cute gift ideas!

The first item that caught my eye was this glass mug and coffee syrup gift set. This set includes a latte glass with ‘Pop it like it’s Hot’ written across the front and a mini bottle of popcorn flavoured coffee syrup!
Now those of you who know me will know I love to treat myself to a flavoured latte every now and then, so this one really had me intrigued. Popcorn and coffee… what more could you want?

This set will cost you £12.99

You can get yours here! 


The next gift is a Christmas Hamper, which could work as both a Christmas Day present or a Christmas Eve box! It includes a ceramic mug with ‘Let’s Get Cosy’ written on the front, a pair of fluffy socks, an eye mask, a scented candle, some hot chocolate mix and some sweet popcorn. This is a lovely gift set, perfect for those cosy nights in during the winter months. It costs £19.99.

I really do love this set, it contains so many items that I enjoy! Fluffy socks are amazing, I will never not appreciate them, scented candles are to die for and my mug collection just shows how much I love cute mugs!

You can get yours here!

Llamas have become popular over the last couple of months… so if you know someone who has become obsessed with them, then this is the perfect cute and cosy gift for them!
This adorable little llama has a heat pack inside of it, meaning you can put it in the microwave and heat it up on those cold and frosty evenings!

For most ladies, hot water bottles and heat packs are a must have. Not only for the winter months but all year round (damn female organs!) So this little chap is perfect, it is not plain and boring, it is soft and cuddly and also cute! This comes in at £10.99
You can get yours here! 

I recently bought a pair of heat up sloths from New Look for £12.99, they are super cute and cuddly and could also be a great gift! You could even keep one half for yourself and gift the matching one! You can get yours here!

Speaking of sloths… I also came across this adorable hooded sloth blanket for £24.99 (also part of the New Look 3 for 2 range). This looks so cosy and soft, I think I would live in this blanket, I mean who wouldn’t want to walk around the house wearing this? I wish I had not seen this because now I seriously want one… oops.

You can get yours here!



Other Stuff You Can’t Go Wrong With!

  • Makeup! If you know they are into makeup, then there are plenty of lovely sets available to choose from in various stores. If they are fussy with the type of makeup they like to use then opt for a gift voucher instead, Boots have a wide range of makeup brands available so a gift voucher for there, or Superdrug would be a safe option! Or if you know what store they like to go to, them tailor your choice to suit them!
  • Hair products – I have seen some nice hair product sets jotted around this year too, so if you know someone who is forever buying hair products or experimenting with their hair, then this is also a great choice.
  • Underwear is a good choice too. If you are buying for your partner you could spice things up by buying a sexy lingerie set, or if you know what style they like, then buy them a nice pretty set that they can wear for any occasion! If you are buying for friends or family, then you could purchase them some cute fluffy socks or nice patterned ones! There are sets available that include hot chocolate mix, a mug and cosy socks, or hot water bottles with fluffy socks.
  •  Gift vouchers for their favourite clothing store is always a good gift. Especially with those New Year Sales approaching!
  • Jewellery! Most women like to be treated to some nice jewellery every now and then, so what better time to do so? There are loads of places that sell gorgeous items at decent prices, one of my favourite places is Warren James! But I also adore Pandora too.
  • Sweet treats! Can’t go wrong with a nice box of chocolates or a hamper of their favourite sweet treats for them to tuck into.
  • Alcohol… there are so many options available for this one! Gift sets, bottles, quirky shots and more.

I hope this gift guide was able to give you some ideas in time for Christmas! If you have any other suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments below!


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