So last weekend, me, Jacob, my dad and my little brother all went to TruNinja in Warrington with my little brother’s football team for an hour of expressing our secret ninja-like skills!

It is safe to say, the kids definitely showed us, adults, how it is done… don’t think I have ever felt so old! But we did have a good laugh in the process, so all is well and good.

The hour was spent running around and attempting fun and challenging obstacles allowing us to show our competitive sides as well as building on team skills and helping each other through the obstacles! There were plenty of encouraging words being shouted to one another as well as lots of laughs!


One part, in particular, seemed to be quite popular! The obstacle was a slanted wall which we had to run up and pull ourselves onto the ledge at the top, before walking across the platform and jumping off onto a large, soft inflatable at the bottom! The kids were queueing for this one, so I decided to give it a go…

Now looking at the pictures, the platform does not seem to be that high… but I assure you, once you are up there it feels much higher! I decided to be brave and let myself fall backwards from the ledge… my heart was in my mouth and I think I left my stomach at the top somewhere! It gave me such a strange feeling, but at the same time, it was also quite thrilling! Before I knew it, all the kids were dropping backwards from the ledge and their faces, when they landed at the bottom, was a picture!

The place itself was not that big, but there was plenty of fun to be had there. Great for children’s parties or fun days out during the school holidays! The kids were much quieter on the bus coming home than they were on the way there that is for sure.


For one hour in the Ninja Arena, it will cost you £9.00 per person.

For the adults who do not feel like taking part, there is a nice little cafe upstairs where you can purchase food and drinks! There was not a huge choice for food, but the kids had pizzas which were delicious and Jake had some noodles which were tasty, although the portion size was a little lacking.

TruNinja currently has two locations, Warrington and Stoke, however, they are opening two more venues in Wigan and Bristol in the near future!

This was definitely something different for us and I would consider doing this again in the future!

In the middle of all of the fun and games, the biggest kid of them all (my dad) managed to break his foot… He was about to attempt the run-up wall when his foot gave in on him and went on its side, resulting in a nasty break! I highly doubt the football team mums, dads and of course the kids, are going to let this down any time soon! There was plenty of banter at his expense on the way home.

So that was what my Saturday afternoon consisted of! How was your weekend?

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