My Christmas Traditions

I have celebrated Christmas is the same way for as long as I can remember and I absolutely love it.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

On Christmas Eve we would get a nice hot bath or shower and put on our nice new pyjamas! Then we would spread reindeer rood in the garden to help Santa and his reindeer find their way and then we would leave food and drink by the fireplace with a handwritten note wishing Santa all the best. Then me, my mum, my dad and little brother would all sit on my brother’s bed and read Twas The Night Before Christmas together before going to bed to sleep. I loved these little traditions, sadly these are the ones we do not tend to do anymore with me being 22 and my little brother being 13!

However, there are many things which have remained the same!

Every year on Christmas Eve, Santa leaves present at the end of our beds or just outside of our bedroom doors, ready for us to find in the morning! When we wake up, we take our presents into Mum and Dads room, sit on the bed and open them up! When we have done that, my Dad goes to the living room and puts the fire on and starts making tea and toast for us all. Then when we follow him into the living room we are greeted with two separate piles of presents, one for me and one for my little brother. We wait for my Dad to come and sit down before we each dig into our gifts.

After all of our presents have been opened, we go and get dressed and ready to visit my Nan’s house! We always pick a present to take with us to show her. When we get there we exchange gifts and sit and have a good family natter before heading to my Grandma’s for Christmas Dinner!

At my Grandmas we exchange more presents while Christmas songs play in the background and the smell of our delicious dinner fills the house. Then at around 3pm we sit around the table and eat! There is always plenty of food to go around and lots of Christmas crackers to pull… not forgetting my Gran’s homemade trifle (which usually turns out one of two ways!)

After dinner, we play games and tell those awful Christmas cracker jokes! We often have a fun Christmas themed quiz to take part in too!

At the end of the day we head back home and put on our cosy PJ’s whilst watching Christmas shows or movies on TV before heading to bed.

Boxing Day!

Boxing Day is always great fun! My Mum and Dad make dinner for the family while me and my brother take a closer look at all of our presents! Jacob comes and spends the day/night with us too, so when he arrives we have more presents to exchange!

We always have lots of yummy snacks to pick at before our main dinner is served. We eat dinner and pull crackers around the table, sharing more terrible jokes and engaging in fun conversation… but after dinner is when the fun really starts!

When we have finished eating, my Mum presents us with more wrapped up gifts… now we have all become familiar with this concept so we are always aware that these gifts are jokey gifts! From tiny wind up toys to mini-puzzles… we never know what they are going to be! If we have wind up toys, we always have a race with them like a bunch of children and if we receive puzzles we have a competition to see who can complete theirs the quickest! It would not be Christmas without a bit of family competition!

Afterwards, we play games and stick the karaoke on whilst enjoying a couple of drinks and having a laugh. Another great day celebrating with the family.

This Year…

For the first time, my Christmas Day is going to be spent in a different way!

I have been with Jacob for almost 8 years now, and we have never spent Christmas Day together. This year we are both going to his Auntie Donna’s for dinner with his Dad’s side of the family.

I will still be waking up in my house on Christmas morning and visiting my Nan beforehand though, which will be nice!

I am looking forward to having dinner with Jacob and his family, it will be nice to see what their Christmas Day consists of. It will also be nice to see the little ones playing with their toys and celebrating with them.

It is going to be a tough year for us both this year, as Jacobs Nan passed away in February and my Grandad passed away in March this year. This is part of the reason why the two of us are spending the day with Jakes family, as it will be the first Christmas without his Nan being there, so it would be nice for us all to come together for each other.

I have never had Christmas Day dinner with my Nan and Grandad, so it is a little bit different for me. Although it will definitely feel strange visiting my Nans house on Christmas morning and exchanging presents without him being there. But both me and Jake have strong families and we come together at times like this and we make sure that we still celebrate things like this in the way that our loved ones would have wanted us too! So I am sure, despite everything, we will make the most of the Christmas Holidays together.



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