My Christmas Memories!

Christmas has always been about family for me! I have so many amazing memories from Christmas over the years, so I thought with Blogmas being in full swing, I would share some of my favourite memories with you all! 
Please feel free to share your favourite Christmas memories in the comments below!

So as you can see from the header image, I remember dancing at Christmas time (most years to be honest!) In the picture above, you can see my beautiful mum teaching me the macarena! I also remember one year when we were decorating the Christmas tree and we had one of the music channels playing on the TV and I remember it playing The Ketchup Song and S Club 7’s Reach… I was standing on the couch dancing away whilst putting hanging baubles and candy canes up on the tree! We then found a good Christmas music channel and continued dancing around the tree!

I also remember spreading ‘reindeer food’ in the garden to help Santa and his reindeer find their way to my house on Christmas Eve… me and my little brother would do this every year! But he is too ‘grown-up’ for that now!
We would also leave food and drink out for Santa, and write a letter to him and when we would wake up on Christmas morning there would always be a reply!

I used to love watching our old dog Pandora (the Dalmatian) open her presents! She would rip off the wrapping paper and then chew right through the packet or her present so that she could take out one of the tasty treats and take it to bed with her. She was so cute!

My mum and dad also have lots of pictures from me visiting Santa each year as a kid! They always make an appearance at Christmas time. Some of them are super embarrassing but the memories are priceless.

I used to love going to my primary school Christmas Fayre each year too! There would be different stalls set up in each classroom, from tasty treats and refreshments, to teddy bear stalls, Christmas decorations, raffles, arts and crafts and of course a Santa’s Grotto! It was always fun seeing all my school friends and their families there and all the money would go towards the school funds or sometimes towards a chosen charity!

Also in my school days, we would go over to the local care home to sing Christmas carols each year which was always such a heartwarming occasion. It was so nice to see smiles spread across the elderly people’s faces and they would always be so happy to see us and would cheer for us to sing more. Afterwards, we would have juice and biscuits with them and have some lovely conversations.

And we cannot forget about our annual school nativity play, can we? I used to love being part of the nativity plays each year, though I am pretty sure my Mum and Dad were sick of watching them by the time I left school… and then they had my little brother’s nativity plays to enjoy! I remember when I was in year 5, I was given the part of The Angel Gabriel and I had two solo songs to sing in the play. I was the youngest pupil to have played a main role in the nativity, so my parents were super proud… in fact I am sure they bought the video of the performance that year!

As I got older, I thought my Christmas cheer would fade away… but it never did! I am still a huge kid when it comes to Christmas! I love it so much.

I remember waking up at 6:30 in the morning and being way too excited to go back to sleep (I must have been 16/17 years old. I didn’t want to be the one to get up first, so I was trying really hard to wake my little brother up from my room by throwing things at the wall! It worked eventually and we all got up… the year after that I woke up early and decided it would be funny to stand outside my brothers room and scream ‘DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN???’, the reply I got was not what I expected… ‘GO AWAY I AM NAKED!’ – Though it did make him get out of bed and get dressed to come and open presents haha.

I remember years of Christmas dinners at my Grans house and my Grandad shouting ‘Here you are dogs!’ before throwing the leftover meat over his shoulder for them to eat… the year he passed away (2007) we were sat having dinner and suddenly my mum shouted ‘Here you are dogs!’ and she threw some meat across the room… we all instantly began laughing and it really lightened the mood and boosted our spirits.

I could go on forever and a day talking about my Christmas memories as they have all been wonderful.

In 2016, Jacob proposed to me on Christmas morning too! It was really sweet, he knows how much I love Christmas so he definitely picked the perfect time to pop the question. Definitely a memory I will have forever.

On that note, here are some pictures of me at Christmas time…



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