My First Bullet Journal

I recently purchased my first ‘proper’ bullet journal. I kept seeing pictures of different bullet journal pages and spreads and some of them were so pretty and perfectly designed that it made me want to give it a go. I have attempted a bullet journal in the past but it was in an ordinary notebook and didn’t look the best, I shortly gave up with it. However, I am determined to keep working on this one and making it look as pretty as I possibly can! I have decided to use this journal as a practice run as I am still experimenting with my drawings and layouts and I plan on purchasing different accessories and stationery items to try out within the book, meaning the pages and themes will change throughout the book as I try out different things. If I enjoy doing this and I get better at it as the months go by, then I am hoping to get a brand new, fancy bullet journal next Christmas so that my 2020 journal will be more organised! 

I started this journal in December 2018 and I plan to keep it going all the way through 2019. However, I would love to know what sort of pages you add to your journal other than monthly and weekly spreads? Here are the couple of pages that I have created so far.

As you can see I am still practising my drawings and layouts, though I do like my monthly pages and my December Reflection page! I would love for you to share some ideas with me for pages to include in between my monthly and weekly spreads.

This particular bullet journal cost me £8.99 from Amazon and is created by Lemome. The front cover is grey suede and it has a small tree design with ‘Dream Tree: Simple and Elegant’ written underneath. The first page has three fine lines at the top centre so that you can write who the book belongs too. This book lays pretty flat as it is bound with thread. This makes it easy to write/draw on each of the pages. The dots are a little on the dark side, but once you have drawn your designs the dots do not appear to be over-powering.

If you have been bullet journalling for a while, this book may not be your first choice, but I do think that it is a good journal for beginners like myself (although I do think that the pages smell funny!)

The book comes with a silk page marker so that you can easily find the current page that you are working on.

The downside to this book is that there are no wallet pages to keep any little bits and pieces inside, but this is not the end of the world!

The pages are thick so my colouring pens do not bleed through! You may see the colour faintly through the paper but it is definitely not too prominent and therefore the back of the page is still useable.

I have been using a pack of fine liner handwriting pens which range in size from 0.1 to 0.8 which are great for outlining drawings and tables.

I do not currently have any fancy colouring pens for my bullet journal but I am hoping to purchase some Tombows in the new year which looks incredible! I am also hoping to buy their calligraphy set so that I can practice my fancy writing.

What sort of stationery items and accessories do you use in your bullet journal? What essentials would you recommend?

Thank you for taking your time to read this piece, I can’t wait to see what designs other people have in their journals and what ideas, tips and advice they have for a beginner like me!

If you would like to purchase this journal, you can click on the image below!  


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