Travel Lodge: A Review

Me and Jake stayed at the Travel Lodge in Lancaster Centre this weekend… if you are in need of a one night stay (and you book your room in advance) then this place is okay and the price is not too steep either. However, if you were thinking of staying for a weekend or longer… or if you need to book a room at the last minute, then this place may be a little pricey for what you get. 

We have stayed in this hotel on various occasions, but we have always booked our room at least 1 month in advance as we only stay there when Jake has a work night out planned! I am definitely not a huge fan of this hotel, but that does not mean that I will refuse to stay there again in the future… as it’s location and price are convenient for us.

Here are some of the issues that I have with this hotel:

  • Rooms are small and cold – The size of the room is not bad for a short stay, but if you were planning on staying there for more than 3 days then it can become a little crowded. There are no cupboards, wardrobes or drawers, so if you like to unpack your things when you stay in hotels then this could be a problem. The room had a small open wardrobe where we were able to hang up 4 items but other than that there was absolutely zero storage space.
    When I first walked into the room, it was freezing cold. Luckily there was a small electric heater on the wall… we had this on for most of the evening.
  • Noisy! The walls of the hotel room were extremely thin, I could hear every single word of the conversations that next door was having. I could also hear the traffic outside and the wind whistling.
  • The toilet was dirty when we arrived… I will spare you the details of this point, but it was not pleasant.
  • The bed was not comfy. This could just be personal preference, other people may find the beds comfortable! I, on the other hand, did not sleep much at all.
  • We required an earlier check-in time and found out that you are able to request this! Jake was working that day so I had 7 hours in the city centre to kill on my own, so having early check-in would have been perfect for us! But for some unknown reason, we were denied of this – meaning I had to walk around Lancaster on my own in the cold for 7 hours.
  • We had to pay for WiFi… I did not realise places still charged their customers for WiFi? I mean I know it was only £3 for 24 hours but considering we are already paying £30-40 for the night you would think that WiFi would be included?
  • The breakfast price was terrible. There was no bar/restaurant at this hotel so the only option was to purchase their breakfast to go package… this included a mini box of cereal, a breakfast bar, a muffin and a drink at the cost of £5.25… We thought this was an awful price to pay considering there was a Wetherspoons next door… so we went there and bought full cooked breakfasts for the same (if not cheaper!) price.
  • The chair in the room was broken, it almost gave me a heart attack when I sat down.
  • The shower drain was so blocked that it was impossible to have a shower without flooding the bathroom.

On the plus side, the staff at the hotel are very friendly and overall the rooms were very tidy on arrival. The hotel is located right in the centre of Lancaster which is ideal if you need to run to the shops or if you are going out around the bars and pubs for the evening. Lancaster is a beautiful place with lots of little coffee shops, stores and restaurants for you to enjoy and the locals all seem fairly friendly too which is nice.

As I stated at the start of this piece, although this hotel does have some flaws, I would stay there again as it is a convenient place to stay for us. Despite the negative points, it certainly is not the worst place to stay. It is clean and tidy, each room has tea and coffee facilities which you can top up any time at the reception desk and there are other facilities such as hair dryers and irons available if you speak with a member of staff. It is ideal for a mini-escape or a one night stay.

We have stayed in a Travel Lodge before, located in Manchester. This one did have its own bar/restaurant and we booked in advance so had our breakfast included within the price. Our stay here was a little bit more on the pleasant side and the breakfast was quite nice! So please do not let any of the above points stop you from staying at a Travel Lodge, they are all different and even the one in Lancaster is decent enough for short stays! 



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