Coming in 2019…

Hello everyone! Me and my very best friend Molly, have some exciting news for you all…
Molly came to me yesterday with a brilliant suggestion and before we knew it we had plans and ideas flowing and we simply could not wait to share the idea with everyone here at SeeTheUniverse.

The two of us will be working together to run ‘SeeTheUniverse Book Club’… but how will it work?

Well, those of you who have been around from the start of my blogging journey will know all about our monthly Facebook Friendly Talks which take place on the 3rd Thursday of the month over on Universe Online.

Our first book will be revealed during our next Facebook Friendly (20th December at 7:30 pm) as well as here on the blog. Those who would like to take part, have 1 month to read the book and will then have the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions during our next Facebook Friendly (17th January) where we will dedicate the last 30 minutes of the chat to our book club members, before revealing the next book on the list and so on!

We will also be taking it in turns to review the books here on the blog each month and will be sure to add some of your thoughts and opinions to the piece too!

This a new idea for SeeTheUniverse and we are both super excited to get started on this. In fact, we have already selected the majority of our books for 2019! Fingers crossed SeeTheUniverse Book Club will grow throughout the year, it would be great to get more people reading and communicating with one another, sharing thoughts and opinions and maybe even having some friendly debates too.


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