2019 Goals

I won’t talk rubbish about ‘new year, new me’ because that never happens! However, I do have many goals for 2019, both self-goals and blog-related goals that I would like to share with you.

Blog-Related Goals:

  • Running the very first SeeTheUniverse Book Club with my very best friend Molly! We have worked hard on deciding which books to include for each month of 2019, with some of them being personal favourites, some being popular ‘must-reads’ and others relating to specific events that occur each month… such as mental health awareness month in May! I am really hoping that this goes well and that as the year goes by, more people will join us! I am quite a slow reader… despite wanting to read hundreds of books It always takes me forever to finish one! So I am hoping this book club will encourage me to keep reading and I will be able to complete more books throughout the year. I am super excited for our first book discussion in January, although I know there will not be many people joining in, I hope it encourages more people to get involved with the following month’s discussion!
  • I want to have more guest posts on the blog! These can range in subjects and topics, they can be from other bloggers, small businesses who want to spread the word about their products, health-related, personal stories, reviews and so on and so forth. I would also love to write some posts for other blogs too.
  • I aim to take more pictures on my camera and practice my photography skills so that I can make my social media pages and my blog posts look more professional and pretty.
  • I am hoping to refresh my Instagram page… I really want to have a theme, but I am terrible at finding one that I like and sticking with it. So if you go on my Instagram page at some point in the new year and it is looking bare, that it why!
  • More competitions! Providing funding does not become an issue, I would like to host more competitions (possibly monthly). These will range in style, and the prizes will range in size throughout the year.
  • Penpal writing! I currently write to one pen pal from Scotland and I love decorating the letters and envelopes and sitting down and writing. It is so calming and I am really enjoying getting to know them. I even sent a friend of mine a few letters towards the end of this year and we have begun sending letters back and forth too! I would love to write to a few more people.
  • Adding more mental health blog posts to my fact files. I am still behind on these since we gave the blog a make-over, so I would like to get back on top of these.
  • I would also like to write more personal posts… I am not sure whether or not people are enjoying these? But I like to write them!
  • I am hoping to reach 3000 followers on Twitter by the end of 2019 as well as growing the Facebook page.


  • To re-start driving lessons.
  • To apply for a teaching degree at various universities.
  • To look at flats/apartments in Lancaster with Jacob.
  • Keep applying for different jobs.
  • Keep working on my self-care routines.
  • To read more.
  • Keep eating well and drink more water.
  • I am hoping to start going to boxing classes to keep fit and to tone up!
  • Keep working on my bullet journal… using 2019 as a practice run!


What goals have you set for 2019?

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