The Calm After Christmas…

So Christmas is over… time really does fly by!

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day have been crazy here. Full of family time, exchanging presents, playing games, drinking and dancing and so much more. I am well and truly shattered and to make matters worse, I am unwell too. But despite that, I have had a lovely Christmas with many happy memories to add to my journal.

Today has been the first quiet day. Me and Jake went into Wigan to do some shopping with our Christmas money and take advantage of the sales. I bought myself a white Puma t-shirt and khaki green hoodie as well as some new leggings. some perfume and a beautiful Disney snow globe (the Bambi one that plays music!)

Tonight we are heading to a nearby pub for food and to enjoy their weekly quiz night, which has a pyjama theme this week! I am looking forward to it, though I cannot wait to be curled up in bed. I have been hit with a terrible cold/flu and it seems to have all hit me at once! I feel so drained and lightheaded, with a sore throat and a terrible chesty cough. I hope this goes away soon because I do not think that I can take much more of feeling this way.

I know I entitled this as ‘The Calm After Christmas’ but I actually have a lot of things going on at the moment as well as exciting things in process for the blog!

We have our very first Book Club for SeeTheUniverse, hosted by myself and my best friend Molly. There will be a new book to read for each month, followed by a discussion of the book via our monthly Facebook Friendlies.

I am currently speaking with a company who are interested in sponsoring SeeTheUniverse and advertising my blog through their company! I am really hoping this is successful as it would be a great step in the right direction for me and hopefully it will help more people to find the blog and receive help and support if and when they need it.

I am hoping to have more guest posts on the blog as well as writing more mental health-related posts and topping up my fact files (as there are still a lot that I need to rewrite after losing them all when we gave the page a make-over)

I am hoping to host more competitions throughout 2019 as well, fingers crossed funding won’t become a problem!

I aim to take more pictures for the blog too and practice my photography skills too!
And my Instagram page is going to get a refresh too… so it may look a bit bare in the New Year.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me from the very beginning and I am very excited to see SeeTheUniverse growing in such a positive way!

BRING ON 2019!

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