The Tracing Co – A Review

Some of you may have seen my original review on this product, but it was lost when I re-designed SeeTheUniverse! Since I still use the product regularly and I am super excited about their upcoming products, I thought I would rewrite my review for my new readers to see.

The Tracing Co is a small business run by husband and wife, who use Amazon as their main selling platform. Their products are quite unique, I have never come across anything like them. They are specially designed tracing books, with intricate designs for you to trace. Each design is split into smaller segments making it easier for you to trace the image without missing out any of the details! There is a small triangle at the bottom of each page, this should be traced over at the start and lined up with the next triangle so that the patterns and lines match up perfectly and your finished drawing will look flawless.

It is recommended that you use at least 2 different sized pens; a thicker one for the outline and a smaller one for the little details. I purchased a set of five fine liner pens from Uni Pin which range in size from 0.1 – 0.8! These are perfect to use for these tracing books as well as for bullet journalling, so I have definitely got my use out of them. They cost me around £5.
I then purchased a pack of 20 tracing paper sheets at the cost of £2.30. These sheets are quite thick so the pens do not bleed through the sheets!

At the moment, Tracing Co has three tracing books: Wildlife, Bloom and Believe.

I chose the Wildlife book as it is filled with beautiful animal designs with lots of little details in them. The book cost me £4.89 with free postage on Amazon and I have to say it had definitely been worth the money!

I could not wait to get started once my book had arrived. I began with the Koala design as I thought it was very cute! I found that sitting down and focusing on the tracing book was very relaxing. It really helped to calm my mind and bring all my focus to one place. I have had this book for quite some time now and it often makes an appearance on days where I feel stressed or down. I have started to use this book as a means of self-care and it really does make me feel that little bit better.

The Tracing Co wanted to design something different for people who may be struggling with their mental health or other troubles. They were aware of how popular colouring books have become over the last couple of years, especially among adults. So they also wanted to invent something that was hands-on and creative as these kinds of activities seem to work best when trying to clear your mind and bring your focus onto something other than your worries. Tracing books are a fantastic way to do this as they encourage you to take your time, slow things down and focus on something that is right there in front of you. I never thought that I would enjoy this book to the extent that I have! Not only has it been useful to my mental health, but it has also awoken a new creative side of me! After starting this book I was given the urge to start a bullet journal. I even use my tracing paper and pens to help me include more complicated doodles into my journal (as I am not the most artistic person out there). I have pinned many of my finished pieces up on the wall in my room, they look great on my cork board! I even send some in with my pen pal letters and they seem to be a hit!

I am hoping to purchase the Bloom book next as that is filled with beautiful mandala designs as well as inspirational and uplifting quotes (something that I really love).

Not only are the products from The Tracing Co brilliant, but the people behind the magic are absolutely lovely! They are super friendly individuals, with kind hearts and a passion for creativity and mental health awareness.

I adore this small business and I will continue to support them in the future! I really hope that you will support them too!

You can get yours using the links below!

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