My Birthday Wishlist!

I turn 23 in two months time… crazy how fast the time has gone. I have been doing the usual online window shopping; you know when you add all of the things that you like/want into the basket, laugh at the total cost and close the window without making a single purchase? I am starting to regret doing this as I have now built up a birthday wishlist in my mind, knowing full well that the chances of me receiving any of them are beyond slim! But despite that, I have decided to share that wishlist here on my blog.

First of all, I need to stop stalking the Cath Kidston website as if I had the money, I would purchase their entire collection. I came across an adorable cross body bag that is reversible! On one side is a grey and white polka dot pattern which is super simple yet also super cute! The other side is a blue floral pattern which is quite girly and pretty. It is not often that I find a reversible bag and like both of the patterns… so this is a winner! The downside is that is costs £38.

I do own two other Cath Kidston bags, a large overnight bag which I have definitely got my use out of over the years, both when studying in university and whenever I have stayed out somewhere for a few nights. The other is a mini box bag which has an adorable Winnie the Pooh pattern on it and it came with a cute matching coin purse too! This is good for the summer, when you are nipping out for a couple of hours, it fits the essentials inside (phone, keys and purse). I would love this reversible cross body bag to use as an everyday bag, which I do not really have any of! Plus I can change the pattern on the bag to fit in with the occasion and/or my outfit! Win-win right?

These next two items, I have wanted for a very long time. I adore Pandora products, my promise ring was from there and my charm bracelet is as full as it can be! I fell in love with their birthstone jewellery, the silver ring and matching earrings are so simple yet so beautiful. I couldn’t add an image of them here as they are currently sold out with being on sale! They currently cost £20 for the ring and £30 for earrings, although when they are at full price they cost £45 each!
They are so so pretty and I would love to have them. The ring would look perfect with my promise ring and my engagement ring too!

I also love love love David Dobrik (Youtuber) and I have wanted his ‘Clickbait’ merchandise for so long now! They recently released a pink version of their hoodie and I literally cried when I saw it! It is such a cute shade of pink and I adore it…Part of me is excited for the new product and part of me is really sad as the likelihood of me ever owning one is ridiculously slim.
The hoodie is $44 which is around £33. You can view their clothing range here!


Okay, so those of you who know me will know that I do not wear a lot of make-up! However, I have recently become more interested in make-up and I bought myself the Revolution 12 days of Christmas set and I received a beautiful brush set for Christmas too! I love a good liquid eyeliner pen, one that does not smudge easily or fade too much throughout the day. I did have a tattoo liner by Kat Von D which was amazing, but it ran out on me a couple of weeks back. So I purchased a Revolution liner for £5, claiming to be waterproof and smudge proof, yet within 10-20 minutes it has smudged all over my eyelids!
My partners mum received a small eye make-up set by Clinique for Christmas and it came with a liquid eyeliner pen. She always lets me use her make-up whenever I need it, so I thought I would give it a try… It is perfect! It goes on so smoothly and it does not fade or smudge throughout the day! I searched online and found the product, only to discover that is £19.99 on its own!
Then I found this beautiful set by Clinique at the cost of £30. It includes the following items:

• Take The Day Off™ Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips, 50ml
• Take The Day Off™ Cleansing Balm, 15ml
• City Block Purifying™ Charcoal Cleansing Gel, 30ml
• City Block Purifying™ Charcoal Clay Mask + Scrub, 30ml
• Moisture Surge™ 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, 30ml
• All About Eyes™, 5ml
• Pretty Easy™ Liquid Eyelining Pen in Black, 0.34g
• High Impact™ Mascara in Black, 3.5ml


The content of this box would cost over £60 if all of the products were bought individually so it is definitely worth the money! And I would definitely use each of these products. I am so desperate to get my hands on the eyeliner pen, so when I saw this set it had to make it onto the Birthday Wishlist. All of the items in this set are items that I would use! So none of them would go to waste.

Next on the list is a beautiful gift set from The Literary Emporium, a small business that sells amazing products based on famous pieces of literature. This particular gift set includes a hardback copy of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley with a matching pin badge and t-shirt! I have always wanted to read Frankenstein and this set it so unique! I purchased a Pride and Prejudice t-shirt from this little business not long ago and the quality and the fit are just perfect. This set costs £35… which may seem steep at first, however, the t-shirt alone would cost £16, the book would cost £15 (brand new) and the pin badge would cost £7 adding up to £38. Therefore you would be saving £3… but not only are you receiving these 3 items, but they arrive in such beautifully presented packaging.

If I could buy all of the gift sets from The Literary Emporium I would do so without hesitation. It is such a unique small business that screams out to book lovers. I set a challenge for myself this year; to read more books! This came about after me and Molly decided to host a book club for SeeTheUniverse, meaning we would have to read 1 book per month throughout 2019.


I also love this bright coloured jumper from Asda costing just £12.50! I do not usually wear bright colours, so when I saw this I just knew I needed it to brighten up my wardrobe. I want to change my entire wardrobe… but that would require having a lot of time and money, which I do not have. So birthdays and Christmasses are the only chances that I have.

There are so many pretty jumpers in Asda at the moment that I would be happy with any of them! I love cosy sweaters and this one is super soft material making is extra cosy to wear during these cold miserable days.

To be honest a decent clothing voucher would be much appreciated! It would be a starting point for me.


I also spotted these adorable sausage dog mugs and glasses in Matalan the other day! I bought the tea bag dish which I am using for my tealights on my desk in my bedroom and I would love to have a matching mug and/or glass! They are pretty cheap too, the mugs cost £3 and the glasses cost £4! They are hand painted and they are just so cute… yes, I do have a sausage dog obsession, but when you have two beautiful pet sausages how can you not become obsessed?

I would also love some more films for my Instax camera so that I can keep taking pictures throughout the year to add to my scrapbook that Jake bought me for Christmas! The films cost £9.99 for a pack of 10 or £14.99 for a pack of 20, I would love to have a range of designs (such as the polka dotted frames and the monochrome prints)

I would also absolutely love to meet Rachel, an amazing young lady who I have been speaking to online for quite some time now! She has become like a sister to me and I absolutely adore her, It would mean so much to me to meet her for my birthday, especially because her birthday is so close to mine! It would also give me the chance to stay in a new place and explore a new area, which I love doing. I hope to fill a page in my scrapbook with pictures of me and Rach at some point this year! 

So this is my birthday wishlist… A girl can dream, right? 

Do you have a birthday approaching? What sort of things do you have on your birthday wishlist?

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