The Dull Month of January

I was going to write a post focusing on January Blues, but I have not had the motivation to complete it! It was a very formal piece and I thought it would be better, for myself and for my readers, if the post was more informal and light-hearted.

I suppose you could say that my lack of motivation could, in fact, be due to having a case of the January Blues myself. To be honest, I do feel as though this month is going ridiculously slow! Those of you who know me will know how much I love Christmas, it is one of my favourite times of the year. December is always a super busy month for a lot of people, myself included. It is full of Christmas shopping, making plans with friends and family, trying to make sure that I manage to see everyone at some point during the holidays, attending various dinners and Christmas parties, finding outfits for all of these occasions and so much more! Considering there is such a huge build-up to ‘The Big Day’, it seems as though we just blink and it is all over and done with, don’t you think?

January is always a slow, dull, freezing cold, miserable month. It can be difficult to throw yourself back into a ‘normal’ routine again. Going back to work or going back to your studies after having time off with family and friends and doing your own thing can make you feel quite down, even if your job is something that you thoroughly enjoy. I feel as though my sleeping pattern is what suffers the most. Over the holidays I get used to staying up late and sleeping in! Which I definitely don’t want to make a habit of. This is not such a terrible thing for me as I work part-time, but for those who are in full-time employment and have to go back to 5am wake-up calls, this could be a real killer! I know that when I was in university I found returning in January very difficult, especially being thrown straight into my next assignment and being hit was exam prep! It made me feel as though we never really had a break at all.

January blues are a real thing. So many people suffer from it; many even experience holiday blues as they start to dread the aftermath of the festivities. You are not alone if you feel sad, tired and/or lonely during this time. The holidays bring a wide range of emotions in a short space of time as well as being fast-paced and it can be hard to adjust to these rapid changes.

And stop worrying about New Years Resolutions! This is this first year that I have not made any and I feel much better than how I have felt in previous years. Let’s face it, the odds of sticking to those resolutions after the first 2 weeks of the New Year are very slim and then we start to feel upset and angry towards ourselves for not working harder to make them happen. Instead, set yourself multiple mini-goals that you can work on throughout the year. Do not worry if you do not meet all of them, be proud of the ones that you have achieved. Those that you couldn’t reach, either keep them on the list for the next year or throw them out… maybe they are not as important as you first thought?

I see too many people hating on themselves because they broke their resolution within a matter of weeks. But it really is not the end of the world. There are bigger and more important things in life than making resolutions on New Year’s Eve. The main thing is that you are happy! Your focus for the new year should be to take every day as it comes and try to see the positive side of all situations, to put yourself and your happiness first, to get involved in more self-care, to just live and be happy with your life… if you come across something that makes you unhappy, then change it! If you cannot change it, learn how to cope with it and face it head on and if you need a helping hand, do not be scared to ask those around you.



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