The Power by Naomi Alderman: A Review

So those of you who read this blog regularly and follow us on social media will know that The Power was the first book on our SeeTheUniverse Book Club!
Here are my personal thoughts and opinions on the book. 

Those who read this book as part of our book club rated it (on average) 3 out of 5 stars.

This book followed various characters as their lives began to change. Teenage girls woke up one day to find that they had a special power, allowing them to conduct electricity through their hands with their mind. This meant that they could shock others around them, or electrocute them to death if they wanted to. It was later discovered that the young ladies could awaken the power in older women too.

The book is split between various characters so that there are multiple different stories taking place at the same time. I liked how this was set out as it made it easy to pick up the book and continue reading, it also allowed me to set goals for where I would like to read up to for the day.

Some characters are more exciting than others;

You have Roxy, an edgy young lady, the daughter of a mob boss in London, whose mother is killed by two men. Roxy’s power saved her from those men. Later in the book, she finds herself with the opportunity to kill the leader of the men who took her mother’s life… but will she go through with it?

Allie is a troubled young lady who has not had the greatest start in life. Her foster family are far from loving, with her foster father sexually abusing her. One night, enough is enough and Allie kills her foster father as he attempts to abuse her once more. She leaves town, finding herself at a convent for young women that she was lead to by the voice within her head. She feels at home here, she becomes important, she goes viral and women all over the world are talking about her. She wants to help all women in the world…. but is it possible?

Tunde is a young male who becomes fascinated by The Power. He captures women using their power and sells the footage to news companies, as a result, he ends up working with CNN and starts to travel to various countries to capture footage of how things are unfolding and changing across the world as a result of The Power awakening in women. The women trust him and they want to tell their stories through him. Tunde discovers some shocking news about the President of one of these countries and how he would be willing to bomb his entire country in order to conquer The Power once and for all.

Margot is the Mayor of her city, she is also a mother to Jocelyn whose power has awoken. While Jocelyn is showing her mother how The Power works, Margot gets a strange feeling, before realising that The Power has been triggered in her as a result.
Margot wants to protect her daughter as well as keep her job. In order to do this, she has to pretend that she does not have The Power and has to pass a test in the workplace. She then goes on to open up training centres for the young women so that they can practice their newly found power in a controlled environment.

Other characters do come into the mix later on in the book, but for the majority, these are the main characters. It is interesting watching each character grow as the book goes on and how the opinions of each character can change throughout. The way in which the story unfolds really pulls you in, leaving you wanting to know more.

‘It all kicks off in the last part of the book and it’s really interesting to read. There are some quite harrowing parts that are really disturbing – what draws you in is that if you replace the male pronouns with female ones, it’s more of a reality that just a story in a book.’  – Estelle – 

Overall I thought the book was pretty good. I did find it hard to keep up with at times, with the characters stories being split throughout the book, I found myself having to flip back through the pages to refresh my memory on what happened to that character in their previous chapter. Other than this, the book was easy to read and was rather enjoyable. There are a couple of twists in the book that I will not mention as I would not like to ruin it for future readers! But I would recommend this book to others, I feel this book would appeal to both a male and a female audience.

I just want to thank Estelle for her input during our first book discussion, her thoughts and opinions on the book were very interesting to read. You can check them out over on our Facebook Group: Universe Online

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