Time To Talk Day (07/02/19)

Each year, Time To Change set a date known as Time To Talk Day. This is a day where they encourage as many people as possible to come together and talk about mental health in an attempt to rip down the stigma that surrounds it. There are various events being held up and down the country for people to attend, or you can host your own local event, or simply get together with friend and family to have a conversation about mental health. 

This year I will be posting some questions and conversation starters within our Facebook Group: Universe Online throughout the day, in order to encourage people to talk about mental health. There are a wide range of members within our group, some who have experienced mental health problems themselves, some who have been there for others who have been struggling and some who have little to no experience and/or knowledge about mental health; so it will be interesting to see the different thoughts, opinions, experiences, facts and statistics being shared between everyone.

I will also be writing a post about how the view of mental health conditions has changed over the years, how people were treated if they were to show signs of mental health in the past compared to how they are treated in today’s society as well as comparing different countries.
If anyone has any background knowledge in any of these areas and would like to contribute to the post, please do not hesitate to get in touch! You can leave a comment on this post, contact me via email or reach out via social media.

I will be trying to join in with as many social media based talks throughout the day too! So if you are hosting any please let me know so I can follow you and participate!

The more people talk, the more people will understand, the less stigma there will be and more people will reach out for help without feeling ashamed! Mental health should be spoken about as much as possible, not just on one day each year. Please keep talking, keep researching, keep advocating, keep expanding your knowledge and sharing what you know! Together we can break down the stigma surrounding mental health conditions.

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