Lambing Season at Windmill Animal Farm

I am the happiest version of me when I am surrounded by animals, so cute little dates to the farm (or the zoo) are the way to my heart. Windmill Animal Farm is fairly local to where we live, being just a 20-minute drive down the road, so we tend to visit a few time throughout the year. The farm recently re-opened after being closed during December & January, with the announcement that it is lambing season! So, of course, we had to schedule a visit. 

We arrived at the farm at 12:30pm and were welcomed by a friendly member of staff who told us where we could find the animals, the cafe and other facilities as well as letting us know what times the lamb feeding would take place! Although we have been before, it is nice to see staff take their time to make sure you know where to find everything and letting you know that they are on hand to answer any questions that you might have.

We purchased two bags of animal food and set off towards the barn to feed the goats, llamas, sheep, alpacas and deer. Then at around 1pm we decided to go to the cafe for some lunch. As we entered the cafe a warm gust of air greeted out cold rosy cheeks; there was a lovely fireplace in the centre of the room, which heated the cafe nicely. We took a look at their menu before settling on a cheeseburger for Jacob and chips and beans for myself. The meals were priced well and the service was great!

After our lunch, we headed back to the barn; just in time for the bottle feeding! There were lots of adorable baby lambs waiting to be fed with bottles of milk. They were so excited about their food, their tails were wagging and they were super bouncy! We joined to queue to feed them, which surprisingly moved fairly quickly, making sure that everyone got a turn. One of the staff members was kind enough to take a picture on my polaroid camera of us both (which I will be adding to my scrapbook tomorrow night!)

After feeding the lambs we headed to see the bunny rabbits and the guinea pigs so we could stroke and cuddle them! My favourite bunny at Windmill Animal Farm is a grey bunny named Chloe! She is so sweet and loves to be cuddled. Her fur is super soft too! The one downfall of visiting the farm is that it makes me want to own every animal… from rabbits to goats! Gosh, I would love to have my own farm.

As we visited on the weekend, Critter Corner was also open! Here you can encounter snakes, lizards, tortoise and tarantulas! I used to have my own bearded dragon called Spyke, so it is safe to say that I love lizards. When me and Jake move in with one another we have already decided to buy ourselves a leopard gecko! We were talking about the reptiles with the animal handler and he kindly took out a gecko for me to hold. She was called Rainbow and belonged to his daughter. She was very calm and relaxed and sat very still in my hands receiving lots of strokes and attention! It made me miss my lizard, but I cannot wait to own one again in the future, they really are incredible creatures.

As you may know; last time we visited Critter Corner, I braved holding a tarantula. Well… I say ‘braved’, but I did cry in the process! Well this time, I held one without shedding a tear! Although my heart was pounding so fast I thought the world would be able to hear it!

We took a walk to the far end of the farm to see the other sheep, llamas, cows and wallabies! There is a small black sheep which follows you along the fence of the enclosure waiting to be fed… we found this amusing as Jake ran up and down the path watching as the sheep ran alongside him; of course we fed him lots of tasty food in return. The Wallabies are so cute, they are basically miniature kangaroos! I had never seen them in person before until we visited the farm.

We still has a fair bit of food left so we headed back to the barn to feed more of the animals. In the barn, there were two mummy sheep with their new babies. One of them had twins and was guarding them behind her, the other had one little lamb which was bouncing around the enclosure and digging in the straw. Eventually, the two twin lambs were brave enough to come out from behind their mum, climbing all over her and playing together.


Once all of our food had gone, we headed back to the little cafe for a nice hot drink and a cake. I chose a hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream along with a chocolate fudge brownie, it was delicious! Jake had a cappuccino and a caramel shortbread slice. After sitting down and enjoying our treats it was time to go home. Overall, our visit to the farm was lovely (as always!), we enjoyed feeding all of the animals and giving the baby lambs their bottles. It was also nice to speak to the staff about

animals and learning more about them. I look forward to visiting again… maybe when the weather warms up a little!

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