Valentines Day 2019

Valentines Day is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally do enjoy it! Although we show our love and appreciation of one another throughout the year, it is still nice to make ‘Valentines Day Plans’ and buy each other cute cards and gifts. This year, Jake was working during the day so we made plans to go out for a meal on the weekend to celebrate. However, he returned home from work that evening with a beautiful bouquet of red roses, some of my favourite chocolates and a cute Valentines Day card reading ‘Fiancee, you make my heart pop!’ on the front. This was a lovely surprise; I do love flowers! I instantly went to put them in water so I could admire them more.

As the weekend approached we decided on going to Nando’s for our Valentines meal as this is Jakes favourite place to eat. I said it would be my treat! We then turned our date into a double date by inviting our friends Dale and Megan to come with us. It has been a while since we went on a double date with anyone! So it was nice to have the extra company there.

The food was absolutely amazing! We chose the boneless platter for two, which included one butterfly chicken and four chicken thighs with a choice of four regular sides. We chose two sides each, I had the spicy rice with sweet potato wedges and Jake had the peri-salted chips and mash. We also had to choose what level of spice we would like our chicken to be; so we settled in the middle and went with a medium spice. I think Jake would have picked a spicier option but we all know how that would have gone down with me! On the plus side, they have sauce bottles available so that you can heat things up if you wanted too!

For drinks, we decided to keep it simple and ordered two bottomless soft drinks. This meant that we were able to help ourselves to as much fizzy pop as we liked throughout the evening. They even gave us some take out cups so we could take a drink out with us when we were leaving.

Overall the meal was perfect. It is safe to say that we were all well and truly stuffed by the end of it! For £30 for two people, we definitely had plenty of food and drink to satisfy our needs.


After our meal (when we were all ready to get up and move), we decided to go to the bowling alley next door. For two hours of bowling, it cost £30 between the four of us. Not a bad price considering we managed to squeeze in three and a half games into that time! Whilst we were playing, me and Megan spotted an offer at the bar, two cocktails for £8 (or £4.75 for one). So we disappeared to go and place our order… two strawberry daiquiris! They were strong but delicious.

Bowling was fun, though I was not very good at it! It is nice to go out and take part in various activities; it is something different to do to pass the time and it is nice to get out and socialise too!


We are going paintballing next weekend (which I am sure will be a laugh, though I am starting to regret the choice of activity!)… look out for a blog post all about it!

It was gone midnight by the time we got home from our double date, but we didn’t mind at all. We had such a great time. I was just gutted that I had to go to work the morning after as we could have stayed out for longer!

Jake surprised me once again with a late Valentines gift. A beautiful Pandora birthstone ring (and it fits perfectly!) It is silver with a lovely sparkling aquamarine crystal in the centre. It is simple and elegant and goes perfectly with my other two rings (my silver droplet promise ring and my halo diamond engagement ring)

I never used to be one for wearing jewellery, especially rings! But how can I not wear these beautiful rings from my fiance? They are so ‘me’, he never fails to amaze me with his choices. He definitely knows me better than I know myself. These three rings are worn every day, only coming off when I go to work. I also have a lovely silver necklace engraved with our initials and the date that we met which I never take off.

I am super lucky to have such an amazing man in my life. Making memories wherever we go! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings us.

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