My Scrapbook 2019 So Far!

I received a beautiful scrapbook from my fiance last Christmas so that I can put all of my polaroid pictures in one place and have something to look back on in the future! Not many people keep photo albums anymore, everything is online on Facebook and Instagram. I decided that I wanted to start keeping more photographs in books so that we had memories to sit on the sofa and look back on. This is my first polaroid album and I am loving it so far, I cannot wait to make more and more as the years go by. 

Rather than buying a normal photo album, I wanted to do something different, something more creative! So I chose a plain scrapbook. I am not much of an artist, but I have enjoyed setting each page out differently and adding drawings and colour to them as well as being able to write little bits relating to the pictures. Seeing as I cannot draw very well, most of the drawings in my book are done on tracing paper and have then been glued onto the pages! I was unsure of this at first, but I have grown to really love them! I have also been practising my calligraphy so that I can title the pages in a more aesthetic way too! At the moment I have been using normal felt tip pens for my calligraphy which is not the best, but they look pretty good for a beginner (if I can say so myself!) I can’t wait to get myself some Tombow brush pens so that I can make my pages look even better!

So here are a couple of my scrapbook pages so far!

There are many more pages than this which I will photograph and add to this post in the future!
As you can see some of my pages have not yet got my polaroids stuck on them… I enjoy planning my pages in advance for events that I know I will want to capture!

I will start photographing each of my pages and adding them to this post, so please make sure you come back for more updates! I will also create a highlight on Instagram for my scrapbook too, as there have been a few people asking me about it in recent weeks.

Do you have a scrapbook? I would love to see how others set out their pages! So please feel free to share some with me via social media. 

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