Delta Force Paintball

Today (23.03.19), I went paintballing for the very first time…

I have never felt such a strange combination of fear and excitement in all my life; until today. There were ten of us who decided that paintballing would be a fun sociable activity and before I had the chance to back out, it was booked and paid for. A full day of paintballing madness at Delta Force Paintball in Knowsley. This would consist of at least 12 games of paintballing spread across a variety of different ‘maps’… that’s right… 12 games!!

When the day arrived, we woke up at 6:30 am to prepare for the long day ahead of us. Jake was driving one of the cars, and decided to make a pitstop at Subway for breakfast to get us going!
When we arrived at Delta Force at 9 am, we were quickly equipped with our armour and directed to our base camp (after signing our waiver forms of course!) At this point, my heart was racing.
After putting on our body armour and overalls, we headed over to the little booth to purchase our paintballs. They were priced at £9.99 for 100 balls, but there were multi-buy offers on too. Me, Jake, Megan and Dale chose an offer for 2000 paintballs for £140 and split the cost between us. So we received 500 paintballs each for £35, saving £15.

After we had sorted out our bags and coats into lockers, a member of staff came round with coloured tape and taped our left arms. We were all on the brown team. Then over a microphone, we heard the brown and green teams being called to battle! We put on our helmets and filled up our ammo and headed over to the arena area. The staff checked everyone’s helmets were secured before letting us past, then we were handed our guns and we made our way to the first map and game of the day.

Although we arrived as a group of 10, there were other people that were assigned to our team. Roughly there were 20 people per team.
When we arrived at the first map, the staff members explained the objective of the game. There was a small wooden church built in the centre of the map, inside the church was a rubber head. The aim of the game was to retrieve the head from the church and place it on the opponent’s podium. The teams started the game at either end of the arena and the staff counted down from 3…2…1!

That mixture of fear and excitement washed over me again. I started to run, hiding behind obstacles along the way. I could hear bullets hitting the wooden post that I was crouched behind… they knew I was here. I slowly peered around the side, spotted the enemy and aimed my gun in their direction. I fired a couple of rounds, they looked around to see where the fire was coming from. I fired some more, trying as hard as I could to hit them just once! Then they spotted me. A dozen bullets were fired towards me, each hitting the board protecting my body. When it went quiet, I peered around once more and shot again; this time I did not miss! Victory for me! It felt strangely good to have got someone out of the game.

We had 3 rounds on this map, lasting around 4-5 minutes each. The brown team won every game! The boys were on a roll, throwing themselves on the floor, rolling around in the mud, diving behind obstacles, running in all guns blazing. It was great seeing them having so much fun, they were definitely in their element.

Meanwhile, me and Megan fired at the enemy from a hidden, safe distance…

After the first game, we were taken back to base camp for a quick 10-minute break before heading into battle again. Whilst we were waiting, our attention was drawn to the leader board. The brown team was in the lead by 20+ points! Although we were playing the green team throughout the day, the scoreboard had all of the teams on there.  When we took a look at how well the other teams were playing, we noticed that our team was top of them all! We were smashing it!

The ten-minute breaks in between each game went by so fast! But it was nice to be able to take off the helmets every now and again. Overall we played 12 rounds of paintball, with various objectives given to us throughout. Some games were more fun than others, but overall we had a great time! I also slowly became a little more courageous as the day went by, pushing forward with Jake and getting more involved. I had a lot of fun.

Some of the boys took some awful shots, leaving them bruised and sore… but that didn’t stop them from fighting till the end!
Jacob took a hit straight to the throat, he fell to the ground and was shot again in the arm! But he still got up and took part in the next game like a true warrior.

I was shot in the butt twice, leaving a rather red and sore lump. Once in the calf, which instantly bruised and once in the foot which slowly became more and more painful as the hours went on.

Megan was shot in the thigh by Dale… who was on our team! Friendly fire does not get you out of the game, so she had no choice but to keep fighting!

Anthony shared a picture with the group that evening, showing his arm. There were lots of marks all up his arm, making him look like a leopard. He did take hundreds of shots at the end of the day… as we told the staff it was his birthday and they made him stand in the middle of the arena whilst the rest of the team shot at him! The worst part about this was that his birthday is not until July!

I do think I would go again in the future! The staff were great, the games were fun and the weather was perfect for it too!

I would highly recommend Delta Force Paintball! Though I suggest taking a packed lunch if you are planning to do a full day there and be prepared for pain… as the paintballs do leave bruises! But despite the pain, you cannot help but laugh.

Check out their website Here!



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