Growth Mindset Coach Jay – A Guest Post

Hey all my name is Jay and I am a Growth Mindset Coach, I have completed courses in NLP, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. I have read over 100 books on these subjects also. It all started when I went through a short period of time suffering from anxiety, I came to find that the doctors just wanted to give people medication and send you on your way. So I decided to find my own way out of this situation, I have written some of the best bits of all that I have learnt or read that helped me through that tough time.

Honest Rockets 5 steps to launch your life.

5…….Did you know 21 days of writing 3 things you are grateful for rewires your brain and can have a positive effect, Research was carried out by Harvard researcher and Author Shawn Achor. Other studies show Gratitude increases willpower and helps to keep you calm and boost morale. In short, practising gratitude seems to kick off a healthful, self-perpetuating cycle in your brain, counting your blessing now makes it easier to notice and count them later. And the more good you see in your life, the happier and more successful you’re likely to be.

I urge you to participate in the 30-day gratitude challenge.

4…….Anxiety and beyond, I myself suffered from anxiety for a short period of time. Those who have experienced anxiety know that it can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you trembling, sweating or finding it difficult to breathe. Feeling internally anxious greatly affects your physical being. How can you combat this? Change your physical state. Changing your physical state can be as simple as lifting your chest a little higher, or getting up and dancing. Most of us look for what’s wrong in our world; what’s wrong is always available. But remember: what’s right is also there. It’s how you control your focus.

When you feel tension, pain, stress, or anxiety, try Tony’s Robbins 90-second rule. Feel your issue for 90 seconds, figure it out, and let it go.If you expect to never feel anxious or fearful again, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Everyone feels fear or anxiety to some degree. You can’t change the fact that stressful moments in life happen, but you can decide to move past them and control your emotions. The next time you feel yourself seizing up in a panic, use the 90-second rule. The 90-second rule is one of Tony Robbins’ natural remedies for anxiety. Accept that you feel fearful in the moment and look at a timer or clock; you have 90 seconds to feel terrible. You are allowed to give yourself 90 seconds to feel self-pity or fear or anger or worry or whatever feelings surface. Once those 90 seconds are up though, it’s time to move on for good. After the 90 seconds have passed, you need to accept that those feelings are in the past and you’re working on moving toward your goal, regardless of your emotions.

Don’t beat yourself up for feeling anxious – everyone handles anxiety at some point in their lives, some people just do so more frequently than others. Recognise that although anxiety may be part of your story, you have the control and drive you need to succeed anyway.

3…….’for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so’  Quote By William Shakespeare.

We think around 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day. Changing your self-talk has an effect on your mood and physiology.

You can ‘watch’ your thinking, therefore you have the power to control your own mind – instead of letting it control you.

You can not have a feeling without a thought.

2…….Send that chimp to space,

  • The Psychological mind is made up of three separate brains: Human, Chimp and Computer.
  • You are the Human.
  • Your chimp is an emotional thinking machine.
  • Your Computer is a storage area and automatic functioning machine.
  • Any one of them can take control but they usually work together.

1….Make yourself accountable, Reach for your goals, Look inside for the answers, You are enough, If you want a different answer change the questions.


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