My 23rd Birthday

The night before my birthday my mum and dad let me have my present from them! It was a new phone! Finally, a good, working phone with a decent camera! Those of you who know me will know that I dropped my other phone down the toilet on Christmas Eve, so I had been using an old one which worked, but it was very slow and could not do much, other than call and text.  I was so happy to finally have a new phone, I don’t think I put it down for the rest of the evening.

Sadly I was at work until 8 pm on my birthday, so I was not expecting to have a very good day. However, not long after starting my shift one of my colleagues handed me a gift bag full of lovely presents! I really was not expecting to receive anything from work so it was a very nice surprise. The gift bag had lots of my favourite bath/shower products inside along with a lovely bar of chocolate and a voucher to spend in Boots.

Whilst I was on my break in work, I received a text from my mum, asking me what I had ordered from Amazon. I was a bit confused as I do not tend to order from Amazon (other than for my kindle), so I replied saying I had not bought anything and that she could open it to see what it was. A couple of minutes later I received a picture. The suspicious parcel was a birthday present from my soul sister Rachel (AKA BurtsBowl). It was an essential oil diffuser; something me and Rach had spoken about a long time ago! It slowly releases gentle fragrances throughout the day, you can buy different oils to use and they each ‘do’ different things; from calming the mind and helping you sleep, to making you feel more energised and motivated. I cannot wait to try it out.

My shift went by fairly quickly and before I knew it Jacob was picking me up. We stopped off at my house on the way to his so that I could pick up my present from my little brother and collect my bags to take to Jakes with me.
My brother got me a beautiful pinafore dress and a Jack Wills tote bag with a notebook, pen, lip balm and body spray inside!  I can’t wait to wear my dress for my birthday date night with Jake on Saturday.

When we got to Jakes house, his mum had made my favourite tea (sausage, cheesy mash and beans!) and she passed me a birthday card which had £30 Boots vouchers inside! I am going to buy myself some Missguided perfume and some make-up products when I next visit the store. Jake then came downstairs with a gift bag overflowing with presents! I opened it up to find a gorgeous baby pink handbag and matching purse inside, with Cherry Blossom Yankee candles, an adorable sleep mask and some Cadburys cookies! I couldn’t wait to use my new bag and purse.

Jake had also bought me a day ticket for Leeds Festival! We will be going to the Sunday line-up featuring Post Malone and Twenty One Pilots. There are a few other people coming with us and I cannot wait to be there. Such a shame we have to wait until the end of August, but hopefully, the weather will be much warmer than it is at the moment.


On top of these beautiful presents, Jacob also surprised me with a cute birthday cake too! I was not expecting a cake, so this was really lovely. And it was delicious too! I also received a bottle of Absolute Vodka from Jacobs brother Ollie and his girlfriend Beth, a bottle of champagne with cocktail truffles and sausage dog hand warmers from Jacobs Nan, Carol and some money inside cards from various family members.

Beth also made some adorable homemade cupcakes, with pink frosting and edible daisy’s on top for decoration. They looked absolutely incredible and they tasted just as good. There was plenty to go around, but it is safe to say they did not last very long!

After tea, me and Jake went upstairs to watch a movie (Wreak It Ralph Break The Internet). It was a great film and we both really enjoyed it. To be honest it was much better than what I expected it to be and I am hoping they bring out a third movie in the future.


The day after was Quiz Night! There was 8 of us this week as Anthony’s girlfriend Bella was there to join us! We did not win the quiz, although Bella won the line and the full house on the Music Bingo, so we all received £10 each which was good! Although Anthony was not impressed as he has never won the bingo and Bella won on Monday night and Thursday night 😂

After the quiz, Me, Jake, Dale, Meg, Emma and Wesley went to Bolton Cinema to watch the midnight release of Captain Marvel. Wesley paid for my ticket as a birthday treat which was lovely! The movie was amazing, we all really enjoyed it and it definitely got us all excited to watch Infinity War: End Game later this year. 

The film was jam-packed with action as well as having comical bits in there too and the storyline was brilliant. I would definitely give this movie 4* out of 5. I may even watch it again before watching End Game. And Bolton cinema is incredibly comfy, with reclining leather chairs and your own little tables for your snacks! You could not ask for better comfort.

Overall, I had a really nice day for my birthday and I am so grateful to all of my friends and family for the lovely gifts, cards and messages! I can’t wait for my meal with Jake on Saturday (there will be a review!) and for next weekend when we hit the town with friends for endless amounts of alcohol and dancing to celebrate




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