Breakout Liverpool – A Review

So, today me, Jake, Anthony and Bella took part in the escape rooms known as BreakOut in Liverpool! There are 12 different themed rooms to choose from, each with various difficulty levels. Each room comes with a background story to make the game a little bit more exciting! We selected the ‘Shipwrecked’ room, which was given 3 out of 5 stars in regards to difficulty. The story behind this room was that the four of us were adventurous individuals exploring an island when we came across an old shipwreck belonging to the famous Captain Shivers. Once we entered the shipwreck, we discovered it was cursed and the only way that we could escape was by finding Captain Shivers most prized possession… a set of white pearls. We had one hour to solve a series of puzzles and find the missing pearls or we would be doomed to a watery grave for the rest of eternity!

Now… if you have come here for answers on how to escape the above room; you will be disappointed as I have no intentions on spoiling the fun for anyone!


As we entered the room, we instantly spread out and began to search for hidden clues. There were a number of wooden chests with a variety of different padlocks sealing them shut. There was also a problem to solve, which we could only do once all of the chests had been opened. In the back corner of the room, there was a dark jail cell, again this was sealed with a padlock! We were able to find some numbers hidden around the room and other clues to help us unlock the padlocks and allowing us to search the jail cell for further clues. We were provided with flashlights and pen and paper to help us along our way. After unlocking all of the chests and solving various puzzles, we discovered a secret room behind a bookcase. Inside this room, we were faced with more padlocks and strange clues increasing in difficulty as we became closer to breaking out.

There is a TV screen within each room which displays a countdown clock so that you are aware of how long you have left to escape. If you become very stuck, you may receive clues and hints via the TV screen.

We were given one clue throughout the game, which in the end made us laugh as the answer was staring us in the face the entire time. This was for the very last combination to open a small chest, which encased the last key for the hidden pearls!

We managed to escape the room with 6 minutes to spare! We had so much fun playing the escape room and we would definitely consider going back in the future. I may suggest to my family that we go and do one together, as it would be a very entertaining and interesting family day out.

For the four of us to play the escape room it cost £60, which worked out at £15 each! Not bad for an hour of fun and games. The price of the game changes depending on the day and time that you choose to attend. If there were 5 of us taking part in this particular game it would have cost £70, therefore, costing £14 per person.

You can check out BreakOut Liverpool here! They also have other locations with different rooms and themes, so do make sure to check for your nearest venue.

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