Paradise Island Mini Golf – A Review

Last minute plans are often where some of the best memories are made!

A few of us went out for late birthday drinks last night (Saturday 16th March) and woke up this morning/afternoon with a desperate need for hangover food. So, me and Jacob took Anthony and Bella to Dinky Dory’s where we had some lunch and some delicious milkshakes!

Then we decided that we didn’t really want to go home afterwards, so we googled some activity ideas that would not require a whole lot of energy and came across Paradise Island Mini Golf, located in Manchester Trafford Centre and decided to take a trip there for the evening.

When we arrived, Anthony kindly paid for the four of us to enjoy two rounds of golf as the venue had two separate 18-hole courses to enjoy.

For one course the price per person was £8.50 or for £12.75 you could enjoy both courses! It was quite an enjoyable evening with lots of laughs to be had. Each of the holes was put together in a fun and quirky manner, with great attention to detail on the decor surrounding them. There was a theme running throughout the courses, with tropical island creatures and sounds all around us. There were not too many people there with it being a Sunday evening, so there was no waiting around between each hole. We were each given our own golf club and were able to choose our own coloured golf ball, making it easier to remember which ball was whose. We were also supplied with a scorecard and pencil for each game that we played.

At the end of each course, each player was given the opportunity to win a free game, by taking part in a 19th hole. In order to win you had to get your ball into the middle hole, if you miss, then your ball goes into the gutter and is returned to the front desk.

At the end of our first game, Jacob managed to win a free token on the 19th hole! But we were slightly disappointed to find that it was only free for the winning person and not the group. However, the token does not expire, so we are able to keep it until another time.

We were able to go for a coffee in between the two games, providing we kept our scorecard and receipt we would be able to come back in later in the evening to take part in our second game. So we took half an hour out to have a Costa before returning.

The winner of both games was Anthony! I came last in the first game but came second in our last game (with only 2 points between me and the winner!)

We all enjoyed our time here, the staff were friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed and fun, and overall, it was not that expensive per person either! We will definitely be returning in the future. Though we might try to get more of us so we can take advantage of the amazing package deal that they have to offer.

This deal costs £19.95 per person and it includes the following:

  • 1 round of 18-hole golf.
  • 2 games of bowling.
  • Token for the dodgem cars.
  • A winners trophy.
  • A losers booby prize.
  • Certificate for the winners and the losers on each bowling lane.
  • A meal from their ‘Basket Menu’

This is a very good price for all of the above. Although there is a minimum group size of 10 people in order to use this offer.

If you would like to take a look at Paradise Island and the various offers that they are currently promoting, you can check out their website here! 
There are various locations for Paradise Island too! So do make sure to check them out as there may be one a little bit closer to home for you.


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