Easter Weekend

I don’t usually do much when it comes to Easter Weekend, but this year the weather has been incredible and I had the full weekend off of work, so it would have been a shame to waste it! 

On Good Friday, it was also my little cousin Lily’s 8th Birthday, so me and Jake went to her house for a BBQ and a couple of drinks. It was nice to see everyone and it was lovely seeing the kids enjoy the hot tub and party games. My baby cousin Rosie was also entertaining to watch as she ran around the garden in her beautiful new shoes and played on the slide and with the balloons (which were bigger than her!)

When we got home from the party, we were greeted by Jakes auntie Sara and her partner shouting us from their garden, telling us that Jakes mum was injured and was at their house. So instead of going into Jakes, we headed straight over to theirs. When we went in, everyone was sat in the garden and Jakes mum Kate was sat with her foot up on a stool with an ice pack over it and a cold glass of pink gin in her hand! She had fallen down the stairs earlier whilst getting ready for work and thought her ankle was broken… but who needs a hospital when you can take away the pain with gin and lemonade?

We stayed and had some drinks and lots of yummy food before heading back to Kates house later that evening. It was not until the next morning that Kate realised how bad her ankle was and decided that a trip to the hospital was definitely needed!

Whilst Kate was waiting in the hospital walk-in centre, me and Jake had a lovely walk around the little town centre and had a nice iced mocha to pass the time. When we went back to the hospital, we were informed that Kate’s foot was broken and she had an Avulsion Fracture, meaning she has to wear a boot and will be unable to work and drive for the next eight weeks! She will have to go back to the fracture clinic next week to have it checked again as there is still a chance that it will need to be put in a plaster cast.

Easter Sunday arrived before we knew it and the weather was getting better and better! So instead of sitting around the house all day, we decided to take a trip to Delamere Forest with a few friends. We arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon and we were there until 7:30 in the evening! We took a little picnic with us and enjoyed exploring the beautiful woodland areas. We managed to get ourselves lost a couple of times, but the weather was too nice to care. We laughed until we cried and I enjoyed every second of this lovely day. We even managed to take lots of beautiful pictures of the scenery around us. I will be posting a full detailed post about our trip to Delamere with more photographs!

It was a long and tiring day but one that we all enjoyed!

It is safe to say that I had a lovely weekend with friends and family, with lots of pictures taken for my scrapbook to remember forever.


I hope everyone had a lovely happy Easter and that you have all made the most of the beautiful weather!

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