Delamere Forest

Delamere Forest is a 40-minute drive from my hometown yet I very rarely visit. It is the largest woodland area in the country, full of beautiful trees, picnic areas, cafes, walking routes and a glistening lake. 

On Easter Sunday, me and Jake decided to take a trip to Delamere to enjoy a picnic and lap up the beautiful sunshine. We decided to invite some of our friends to join us on our little adventure, so we asked Anthony and his girlfriend Bekka and ginger Anthony (AKA Dexter) if they wanted to tag along. They all said yes, so we picked them up at 12 and we went on our way!

When we arrived we set off into the woods, not taking any particular walking route. It was already lunch time when we got there so we found a nice little picnic bench to have some food. Before we could sit down, Jacob tripped over the smallest rock in the woods and tumbled over and rolled across the ground as if he was doing a commando roll! Everyone laughed until they cried and then laughed a little bit more. Jake was fine, a couple of scratches and scrapes on his leg but nothing lethal!

Lunch was nice and refreshing, I enjoyed a pot of fresh fruit which went down a treat in this weather. Some of the others had sandwiches and other little snacks. It wasn’t long until we were back on our feet again. Further, into the woods, we went, following the paths and randomly choosing our direction when faced with crossroads!

We had absolutely no idea where we were going, but we were all happy and content in our exploring. We walked for an hour in various directions, up little dirt tracks, across small wooden bridges, up hills, down hills and across fields. Jacob managed to fall over again within this hour which definitely brought more laughs! Then the boys headed over to a large wooden gate where they stood and talked while enjoying the view… it was the perfect photo opportunity. 

The weather was 24° but the shading from the trees kept us cool. After some time, we found ourselves back where we started! Which was a relief as we thought we would have to go back the way that we came in order to do that! Once we reached the car park, we decided to stop and take a look at the map. There were a number of walking routes that we could take and the forest continued across the other side of the road. We decided to make our way to the information centre where one of the cafes are located.

Funnily enough, it took us 15 minutes just to get out of the car park after debating what way we were meant to be heading. The boys decided to cut through all the grass, thorns and nettles, me and Bekka did the sensible thing and walked around to the path. We made it there first and had the joys of standing and watching the boys struggle through their chosen route. Anthony and Jake went one way and Dexter went the other… Dexter came to a fallen down tree and stepped up onto the trunk. While he was observing the floor in front of him, deciding where to put his feet, he started to lose his balance. He grabbed onto two branches in front of him but they were not strong enough to save him and they snapped, leaving him to fall backwards off of the tree trunk, resulting in him disappearing into the nettles and bushes beneath him. Safe to say we almost wet ourselves with laughter. Dexter was fine, minus a few scratches and nettle stings! Once the boys had all made it to safety we continued on our travels. There was a lot of friendly arguments and banter along the way in regards to which way we needed to go. In the end, we split up, me, Bekka and Dexter went one way and Anthony and Jake went the other. Despite Jake calling me to say they found a cafe and beat us there; when we arrived we saw them walking towards us, therefore we made it first! It was not the cafe we intended to find but it was close enough. We stopped for a cold drink and an ice cream before continuing our walk to find the ‘viewing point’.

We walked for a good hour and a half, having to backtrack our steps a few times due to mistakes in our directions. We were going to give up, but the weather was still glorious and we had all the time in the world, so we pushed forward.

We walked up crazy steep hills, climbed over stiles, and walked along thin twisty paths, but we made it to the viewing point in the end and it was beautiful. We sat at the top for a little while, catching our breath and taking in the view that surrounded us.

We had such a beautiful day, tiring that’s for sure, but I didn’t stop smiling.

When it was time to head back down, we took a different route again, walking past a field full of cute little sheep and their baby lambs! We couldn’t help but stop and take pictures of them and watch them for a while. Within 15-20 minutes we found ourselves in a familiar place… the cafe where we had milkshakes and ice cream earlier! It was a 20-minute walk to the viewpoint and it took us an hour and a half to make it up there! We couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves. At least the views we saw along the way were worth it!

By the time we got back to the car, it was 7:30pm! We had spent a good six hours here. The day went by fairly quickly, but the memories we made will definitely stick around. We had, good company, beautiful weather and stunning views, what more could you ask for?


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