Morecambe with the Family

On bank holiday Monday, I messaged my mum to see if she wanted to do anything for the day as the weather was still beautiful and it would have been a shame to sit in the house all day while Jake was in work.

My mum came to pick me up early that morning and took me to back to her house where my little brother and my dad were having breakfast. They packed some snacks into a backpack and told me that we are going to Morecambe for the day! Morecambe is a lovely little seaside town with lots of little cafes, pubs and arcades to enjoy.

We all went in my dad’s car so we could drive with the roof down. My hair became all tatty and tangled in the wind, but it was such a nice breeze and we had the music blasting through the speakers as we sang along. The car journey took about an hour. When we got there, we parked up the car and headed towards the beach front. We walked along the front until we reached the pier and decided to walk down to the end.

The sky was bright blue, with seagulls flying high over the water. There was a strong breeze in the air, keeping us cool as the sun beamed down. The walk down the pier was lovely, with the water either side of us calm and still. There were people fishing from the sides of the pier, people walking their adorable dogs, children running around with their siblings and friends, everyone was smiling and enjoying the beautiful day.

Along the pier, there were various statues and games for people to interact with. There was a flat maze on the ground and a father and daughter were racing each other to see who could make it to the centre first (the father won, celebrating like he was a child himself). There was ‘magpies hopscotch’ with rules written in stone explaining how to play with multiple players. It was very unique!

After walking to the end of the pier and back, we decided to follow the promenade around to see where it leads. It was a decent walk but a pleasant one. We came across an outdoor paddling pool with little fountains throughout it. There were quite a few children and families playing in it and I could not help but join in! I took my shoes off and stepped into the water. It was much colder than I expected it to be, but it was nice and refreshing. My little brother decided to join me in the paddling pool too, splashing me in the process. There were so many puppies around, little baby labradors, staffies and dachshunds enjoying the sun and playing in the water.

Once we had had enough of the water, we put our shoes back on and headed back up the promenade towards the main shops again. There was a mini fairground on the grass and my little brother wanted to go on ‘The Hearts and Diamonds’ ride. He would not go on it alone so of course I was nominated to go on it with him! We got on the ride and picked a space to stand and whilst we were waiting for it to start I felt something crawl up the sleeve of my t-shirt. My mind instantly told me it was a spider, so I was trying to brush it out of my sleeve with my hand over the top of my clothing as I was too scared to look and see what it was. Then I feel a sharp sting on my shoulder and realise it is not a spider or a bug… but a damn wasp! Once it has attacked me, it flew out of my sleeve and went on its way to find its next innocent victim! Other than being stung, the ride was fun!

After the ride we headed to Costa for a drink, my mum and dad both chose a flat white, my brother chose a bottle of coke from the fridge and I chose a peach iced tea! It was so refreshing and it made those summer vibes that little bit stronger! Cold coffee and iced tea are perfect for when the sun is shining. Still getting that much-needed energy boost whilst keeping cool and refreshed.
Once we finished our drinks, we started walking back towards the car, stopping off at a little shop for some bite and sting cream for my shoulder!

Overall, we had a lovely family day out. We do not go out much with all of us together, so it was nice to spend time with everyone as well as enjoying the sun and taking pictures together.




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