Five Guys (Liverpool) – A Review

So, I have wanted to try Five Guys Burger Restaurant for a very long time now! So today on our shopping trip to Liverpool we decided we would go to Five Guys for lunch…

Those of you who have never heard of Five Guys, it is an American style burger place which claims to sell beautifully fresh burgers, that are made to order, handmade chips and refreshing milkshakes. I wanted to see whether this place truly lives up the hype!

When we got there the restaurant was fairly empty for a Saturday afternoon; however, there is a store located in Liverpool One which I image would have been much busier. It was nice for us that it was quiet as it meant that we were served quickly! The menu boards were placed above the tills, they were easy to read and they explained that the burgers are made to order so you can choose whatever toppings you like, free of charge! I am a bit of a plain Jane and ordered a cheeseburger with just lettuce, some small fries and a diet Coke. This came to £14.15, which may seem on the steep side, but the portion size was more than enough and the drinks were unlimited refills!

The wait for our food was minimal and all the staff that we interacted with during our visit were very friendly and tended to our needs.

When our order numbers were called, we headed up to the collection point where we were given brown paper bags with our orders inside. The burgers were wrapped in foil, keeping them hot and fresh, the skin-on fries were in small paper cups (though there were many in the bag too!) It would have been nice to have had our food served on plates in a more formal manner, however, this is just a tiny critique. When we unbagged our food we discovered a mountain of fries! This was a pleasant surprise considering we both ordered ‘little fries’, I am glad I did not go for large! There were multiple options when it came to the burgers, allowing customers to choose little burgers or regular. I was fairly hungry so selected a regular sized burger and this came with two beef burger patties with melted cheese in between on a sesame seed bun. I was unable to finish it! I am guessing that the little burgers would have just the one patty on them; I will definitely be going for that option on future visits.

The food tasted amazing! Especially the fries, they were mouth-watering. The unlimited drinks were self-service from a soda machine. When we went up to fill our cups we saw endless choices! The Coke came in normal, diet, zero or caffeine-free which is great for people like me who cannot have much caffeine. On top of these options, there were various flavours that I have never even heard of before! There was peach, cherry, raspberry, vanilla, orange, lemon and lime! I had a Raspberry flavoured, caffeine-free Coke and it was delicious!


I would definitely recommend Five Guys to burger lovers! It was very nice, very filling, and I cannot wait to try their milkshakes in the future as they looked incredible!

You can check out their menu and find your nearest restaurant here!

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